Friday, February 8, 2013

There's no other store...

Shirley, Belle and Kit outside DJs Elizabeth Street c. 1930s

Like David Jones Elizabeth Street.

Here are the twins.

And Belle's daughter Shirley.  Sorry Shirley - there's a bit of dust or summat caught on your eye.

Kit being my maternal grandmother who I never knew.  Belle being her twin sister.

My daughter Isabel Kate being named after both of them.

Ah yes, shopping.

I have fond memories of my mother and I picking up cousin Joy (Shirley's sister) who seemed to have an endless cycle of DJs bags of stuff that needed to be returned and stuff that needed to be bought.  

Who else remembers the ker-clack-hum-ker-clack of the wooden escalators in DJs?  

Now that's something that should have been captured on audio archives for posterity.

I think I have a DJs creamer from their dining room somewhere in a cupboard - or is that a fantasy?  I do remember my Mother being very keen to purchase one when they decided to close it down.

What are your favourite shopping memories?


Kristin said...

My favorite shopping memories were at a big department store in Detroit, J.L. Hudson's. Thank you for bringing this up. I think that I will have to do a post about those memories.

Alex Daw said...

Dear Kristin - I can't wait to read that post. Thanks for dropping by.