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Trove Tuesday - Anatomy of a search

Good morning everyone!  How are you this fine day in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia?  I have been off the radar for reasons which I won't discuss just now but I am happy to get back into the swing of things with a post on the meme of Trove Tuesday.  

I have a friend staying from Scotland with me at the moment.  Joy of joys, she asked me to do a little family history research for her.  She wanted to find any trace of her uncle who came out to Australia in about 1925 as a young lad from Scotland. She gave me his name: Allan MacDougall, his approximate age (15 or 16) and the name of his mother: Bella Ann (after whom my friend was named) and his father: Alexander.  She thought he might have worked in the railways.

We did a bit of digging and I thought I would share our lines of research with you in case you might learn from it or have some ideas of your own about how we could progress this research further.

Ann told me that her uncle came out under the Big Brother movement.  I didn'…