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I haven't blogged for ages because I've been busy with work and Uni.  Here's a story that I submitted for my Writing the Family Saga course recently. It is a case of imaginative fiction that is based on research conducted into my ancestor Kitty Ellis.

At nineteen years of age, Kitty Ellis seemed hell-bent on turning her parents’ hair grey. 

Bella Ellis, her mother, worriedly checked for silver streaks in the dressing glass every morning, whilst George, her father, regarded his receding hairline soberly. 

Kitty’s older siblings had done their parents proud. Her brothers were studying at University or gainfully employed. Esther, her sister, found a suitable match in John Flynn, who was the pharmacist for Callan Park. 

Kitty was godmother to the Flynns' darling baby boy, Sydney, now twelve months old. She minded him occasionally so Esther and John could attend fund-raising dinners.

But Kitty was a dreamer and had big plans. If you asked her what they were, she would be hard-pr…