Convicts and Excel Spreadsheets

  The Commissariat Store , Brisbane Saturday 25th September 2021 I took the photo above last weekend when I attended the RHSQ Book Fair to buy books for the QFHS Library.  I didn't buy too many but it was my first visit to The Commissariat and I would like to go back for another proper visit. You can see the new Casino being built in the background there. How was your day? Did you get any family history research done?  My goals for the day were to keep on top of my social media commitments for QFHS , reduce the number of emails in my inbox and do some housework!  It was pretty hot today - I think it got to about 37 degrees Celsius.  I buckled and put the air-conditioning on at home.  Good sheet and towel drying weather though for wash day Monday :)  But it's hot for what is essentially the second month of Spring.  Doesn't bode well for Summer does it? I also managed to squeeze in watching a SAG seminar I've had in my inbox for a while - 15 Ways to Use Excel in Famil