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Sepia Saturday 501: 4 January 2020

Goodness me!  2020!  Who woulda thunk we'd be seeing the year 2020?

Alan Burnett from Sepia Saturday has provided us with the prompt of the charming smile of an unknown lady.

So here goes...a photo from my maternal grandfather's collection.  I welcome all comments from the McLoughlin clan as to who this photo is of...the name Lena springs to mind.  Probably one of my grandfather's sisters.

Here is a photo of the photo wallet in its entirety.  The number on the top left looks suspciously like my mother's writing but it could be a photographic studio note.  Does it mean it was taken in 1921?  We will probably never know.  

I can find evidence of the Rupert Kay Studio in the Sydney Morning Herald from Trove 21 January 1914.

I think dating the photograph at about 1921 is correct.  The hairstyle is either finger waving or Marcelling.

Let's go back to the family tree and check the siblings.  My grandfather Thomas was born in 1898.  Then there was Margaret Philomena born 1899, …
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Accentuate the Positive Geneameme 2019

Jill Bill from GeniAus once again invites us to reflect on our genealogical achievements for the year.  
Here are the questions and I just know that my account of 2019 will not be a fabulous one but, if anything, it inspires me to greater heights in 2020:
1.  An elusive ancestor I found was 
2.  A great newspaper article I found was about John Patrick or "Jack" McLoughlin, my mother's uncle,  in this blog post here.
3.  A geneajourney I took was to Melbourne.  I confess the trip to Melbourne was mostly about catching up with dear friends, going to a musical and doing a sewing workshop but I managed to convince a friend/chauffeur to detour while getting croissants one morning to have a look at an ancestor's house in Napier Street Fitzroy.  Who knows if it really was his house - numbers may have changed in the street - but I was just excited to be in the street where he used to live.  I wrote about Peter Sinclair in this and other blog posts.  I did try to go and see the P…

Sepia Saturday 492: 19 October 2019

The focus of Sepia Saturday this week is prams - or perambulators as they were once known.  

I have shown pictures of prams before on my blog.  

This one only a couple of weeks mother is in the pram.

This one of my mother with her doll's pram was posted six years ago.

This one of her cousin's son Doug in a pram (and what a very smart pram it is) five years ago.

If you look carefully at the photo of Gladys and Cecil Maloney in this photo posted a couple of years ago, you can see another pram

So it was a real challenge to find a new photo...but here it is!

Me and my doll's pram which I suspect we still have somewhere in the attic.

My grandmother brought back this dress for me from Hawaii however the photo was taken in Edinburgh Scotland.  Gee I loved that pram.  It took a lot of beating.  

I dug up a couple more recent photos of my children.

Me and Bel in her pram - actually I don't think it was ours.  I think it was a borrow-job until we got our own.

And then Cas came al…

Sepia Saturday 491: Saturday 12th October 2019

"Our theme image this week features mill workers in America in the early years of the twentieth century, and it is an image that has a very personal connection for me. Whether you, like me, have mill workers in your family tree or not, the fabric of our theme can easily stretch to encompass any aspect of the world of work. Or machines, or fabrics, or .... whatever your imagination wants to do with it." Alan Burnett on Sepia Saturday

Today's post is going to be very weavy, windy because that is how my brain is at the moment.  Very weavy, windy.  Not windy.  Winedy. 

So I set out with the intent of talking about my Forfar ancestors, because I believe they worked in mills in Bannockburn, Scotland.  When I googled Bannockburn, I came up with a Bannockburn in Queensland.  How about that?  

It's just south-west of Yatala (where you can get some delicious pies) and is part of Logan City Council.  You can find out more about Bannockburn here.

Here is an article about the propert…

Sepia Saturday 490 - 5 October 2019

Don't these women look relaxed in this boat?  It's a long weekend this weekend in the land of Oz.  The Queen's Birthday weekend to be precise.  And I fully intend to relax.  

When I searched for photos in our family collection of women in boats, I came across this one.

I didn't think much about it to be honest.  I have no idea when it was taken or who that little girl is.  I am now wondering if it was my mother's cousin Joy.  I think it is certainly my mother's mother Kit sitting on the left with the hat.  This is one of my maternal grandfather's photos.  No writing on the back to help me.  So I'm going to guess sometime in the early 1930s before my mother was born in 1935.  

The name of the boat certainly did help me.  As I blundered my way around Trove and Google, I have now come to the conclusion that this must be a speed boat.  

My grandfather loved horse-racing so it is not too far a stretch to think that he might e might have been interested in anythi…

Sepia Saturday 489: 28th September 2019

I've said it before and I'll say it again, all I ever wanted for Christmas was a swing.  Did I get one?  No.  And now I am old I would still like a swing - probably a more sedate one like this.  My grandmother had one of those swing seats and I thought they were grand.  I still want one.  If anyone is listening.  Anyone? Sigh.

Here are some photos of people on swings for consideration, from my mother's albums again.

Swings come in all shapes and sizes.  Look at this beauty.  Taken in Newcastle me-thinks.

I have no idea who Dolly is.  She must have been a friend of Kit - my mother's mother.  I think Dolly has her back to us.  All you can really see of Barbara is a little face between Kit and Shirley.  They are on the left-hand side of the swing facing us.  At a guess, I would say this is taken about 1939.  Perhaps Belle, Kit's twin sister took the photo.  Maybe she didn't like swings.  Maybe she was thoughtful and considerate.  We'll never know. Anyone who migh…

Sepia Saturday 488: 21st September 2019

I am having a great deal of difficulty staying on theme today.  Here is my photo which probably just scrapes in on the 30 years old Sepia Saturday rule; although the "rules" on Sepia Saturday have always really just been guidelines with plenty of room for wriggle.

I'm pretty sure this was taken on a trip to Melbourne with my parents just before I got married.  That is the weekend Australian I am reading and if I was holding the paper straighter, we might have been able to read the date.  Oops I'd better make it sepia hadn't I?  There you go.

If you read my blog last week, I am excited to report that there is an update on the photo of my mother and the dog Pete and that we have been able to locate where the photo was taken so head on over and have a look at the postscript.
Here are some other photos where I am unable to place them but they called to me this morning from the album.  All thoughts and comments welcome.
I suspect this was taken somewhere in Sydney's w…