Folio Friday - Family History as Therapy?

It's Folio Friday and time to share what books we've been reading.
I have so many books on the go at the moment, it is embarrassing.  A couple of Inter-Library loans too which I really need to get on with reading.
This week's book review is about an Australian book (at last) called The Other Side of Absence by Betty O'Neill published this year by Impact Press, an imprint of Ventura Press.

One of the themes that run through both my family history and that of my husband's family history is that of abandonment: children being abandoned by their parents in orphanages or foster homes or similar.  I have often wondered about the psychological damage that is passed down from generation to generation as a result and or the social outcomes for the children.  If I had the intestinal fortitude for undertaking any more university study, this is the area to which I would devote a thesis. Betty O'Neill has taken on this subject and dealt with it most engagingly and sensitively.…

Devon Burials, Scottish indexes and #ANZAncestryTime

I don't know about you, but sometimes I forget to take my own advice.  I am now looking after my family history society's Facebook page and lots of interesting information gets passed on to me to share with our members.  I'm so busy posting, I forget to follow up some of the leads myself!
This week Find My Past released more records, one of which leapt out at me; namely Devon Burials.  My husband's ancestors come from Devon: the Daws, the Ansteys, the Ellises and the Chambers. That's the surnames.  What about the Christian names and places?
ANSTEY Elizabeth - Bradninch, mother of Mary Anstey (1796-?) - nothing leaping out in terms of resultsMary - Bradninch  (1822-1868) married Thomas DAW Snr (113 results for Mary DAW none in Bradninch) - can't find any results that look like her.Thomas - Hockworthy (1787-?) 
CHAMBERS Mary - mother of Mary Bray Ellis - here is where I went off the track.....I find a Mary Ellis who was buried in Collumpton (not far from Butterleigh -…

Surname Lists, Chapman codes and Female Ancestors

Good IntentionsHow has your day been?
I've been doing a bit of tidying up. It was not my intention to do any research today.  It was my intention to work on my Family History software program and a bit of filing. 
Surname and Chapman Code ListsBut I ended up trying to clean my overflowing email inbox.  And that led to me realising that while I had submitted my surname interests to my family history society years and years ago, I hadn't re-submitted them to put on the Society's website.  So I started to fill out the forms which led me to realise that there was one particular ancestor on my husband's family tree for whom we lacked biographical info; namely where she was born.
Namely Mary Bary Daw nee Ellis.
Search Again!Now I am sure that I have tried to research her before but you know the old adage, go back and check those pesky databases again because new information may have been added.  So that is exactly what I did and I unearthed some very satisfactory information. Fem…

Pimp Your Blog!

Spring Has Sprung!Have you been spring cleaning?  No, neither have I.  I keep meaning to, but I always find something else to do.  Well, I have been a little bit.  I've changed the wardrobe around from Winter to Summer.  And I swept out the workshop.  And I've done some potting of plants. But most importantly of all, I've been spring cleaning my blog.  When was the last time you lifted the bonnet on yours?  How's it looking?
Blogging WorkshopGood genea-buddy Pauleen and I will be delivering a blogging workshop together in the not too distant future.  It's a sequel to one I ran a couple of years ago for QFHS.  We're going to get into the nitty-gritty of how to set up a blog on Blogger and WordPress. Tell your friends if they've been thinking of setting one up but have been prevaricating.
Those of you who blog regularly will know that Blogger and Word Press have been improving their platforms.  This usually means pain for the rest of us old dogs who need to lea…

Thrifty Thursday

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Sepia Saturday 536: 5 September 2020

Fathers and daughters, mothers and daughters: yes, we have reached letter D in our alphabetical trawl through the theme images. Our theme photo features the American businessman and art collector, Solomon Guggenheim and his daughter, Barbara Josephine Guggenheim. For your Sepia Saturday post, you can follow the daughters, follow the "D's", or - as always - do whatever you choose. All we need is an old photo and a few words.
A short post from me today as time is of the essence and I must get going.

Goodness! It wasn't until I published the photo on Blogger that I saw all those scratches so I've had a go at blotting them out with the spot fix tool in my photo editing program. Better?

A bit better I think.  All I can see is my beautiful mother's elegant hands and her pleased as punch father, Thomas McLoughlin.  This was taken in 1960.  Thomas would have been nearly 62 years old at the time - a month shy of his birthday. I think the photo was taken in the front room…

Family Recipe Friday

Change of theme tonight.  Sorry if you were looking forward to Folio Friday.  I confess I haven't finished any of the books I had hoped to read so....I give to you a couple of my mother's favourite recipes.  I am pretty confident that she didn't invent them.  They were just favourites.  I suspect they came from magazines. Please if you know their source, let me know so I can acknowledge them.
Hmmm...must put this in the menu plan next week.Have you got a favourite family recipe?