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National Family History Month Blogging Challenge

It's National Family History Month next month and there's all sorts of fabulous events on around the country.  260 so far and no doubt more will be added in this last week. 

The members of the Australian Local and Family History Bloggers Group on Facebook agree that a blogging challenge would be a good idea during the month of August and here are the proposed themes:

Week 1 - Sunday 7 August - 9 August is Census Night in Australia.  What extraordinary things have you discovered about your ancestors in census records?

Week 2 - Sunday 14 August - Blogger Anne Young reminds us that 16 August 1891 was the date the Shearers' Strike Monument was dedicated. This week why don't you honour your working ancestors and the challenges they faced in their occupations.

Week 3 - Sunday 21 August - Significant military battles are commemorated during the month of August such as Mouquet Farm in WWI and Milne Bay in WW2.  The Australian Comforts Fund was also founded in August 1916.  Did you…

Sepia Saturday 339: 16 July 2016 or How to date a photograph

Alan Burnett from Sepia Saturday gives us the following prompt:
Pictures, palaces, and bingo numbers are amongst your possible themes this week for Sepia Saturday There have been some murmurings in my select audience (allright one dear cousin) wondering where I've been lately blog-wise.  Justified murmuring, I might add, given the dead silence for a month or so.  And so I take this well meant prod to blog about picture palaces in Brisbane  - one in particular - and a photographer as well.  I've headed up the Post with the title "How to date a photograph" as that is part of the study I am doing at the moment online through the University of Tasmania.  I've enrolled in a short course called Place, Image, Object . It's all about material culture - good stuff.  I'm enjoying myself.  

And so to today's Sepia Saturday prompt.  I tried to choose a photo that matched the picture prompt.  I don't know how I ended up with this one but there you go. Here it is…