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Thankful Thursday

From Geneabloggers - Thankful Thursday is a daily blogging prompt used by many genealogy bloggers to help them post content on their sites.

Create a post that expresses gratitude for a person (past or present), resource, family history tool or anything connected to you or your and family history that has had a positive impact on your life. This prompt has been suggested by Carolyn Murphy of Family Tree Gal and has been in use by Mary Warren of Mary’s Musings for the past year.

Well I'm grateful that I'm a member of the QFHS which regularly publishes great resources such as this latest CD, the Commonwealth Electoral Roll (Queensland) 1906.   This kind of publication is only possible with the aid of members who volunteer to index for hours in order that we may all benefit.

The CD has a database with approximately 273,000 entries and scanned images of maps showing the division boundaries.  There were nine divisions in Queensland in 1906: Brisbane, Capricornia, Darling Downs, Herbert…

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday's Tip

Here's a quick tip.  As of yesterday, through Moreton Bay Region Library Service (yes, my employer) you can now download magazines to your computer, tablet, phone, device for free (excluding applicable download charges from your internet service provider).   Read all about how to do it here.

If my library service down at the bottom of the world is doing it, perhaps your library service is offering it too.  

Just think of all the money you can save on magazines and spend on certificates!  

Whilst the range of genealogy/family history magazines is slim - just the wonderful Inside History at this stage - I can save money on knitting magazines and spend my savings on family history books.  

Yes Brisbane City Council Library service offer this too.

All you need to do is have a library account to browse which magazines you want through RBDigital (seamless through your library's website, using your library card) and an account with Zinio to read your magazines.

To quote MBRC's blurb di…

Sepia Saturday 238 : 26 July 2014

Alan from Sepia Saturday says:  

If you would like a sign as to what to do for Sepia Saturday 238 ...then look no further than this 1935 picture of Broome Street in Manhattan which comes from the Flickr Commons stream of the New York Public Library. If you want to be on theme, you can choose any type of sign you want, or any other visual clue you can find in the photograph. If you prefer to be off-theme, then that is entirely your choice.

Several photos spring to mind with this theme.  My father,  having trained as an architect,  could write a mean Garage Sale sign when required - and birthday cards - and notes from the tooth fairy - and signage for children's birthday parties - my Witches Party stands out the most in memory - boy we had fun that day.  But here is the first sign I remember at one of my birthday parties.  I think this may have been my 6th Birthday party.  If you zoom into the sign there are six candles on the picture of the birthday cake.  If I rescanned this photo I…

Crowdsourcing and other fabulous initiatives

Crowdsourcing.  I love it.  I use it all the time.  Do you?  This morning I spent quite a bit of time on Ravelry looking up free knitting patterns for cowls using Ravelry's fabulous database - largely constructed by all the wonderfully generous knitters in the world who are on Ravelry.  

I thought I would give back some of the love but in another of my favourite areas - genealogy. And so today I signed up to become an indexer on the Family Search website in anticipation of the Worldwide Indexing event on July 20 and 21.  Yes that's today here in Australia but we're waiting for the rest of the world to catch up ;)

When I told my husband I was indexing, he made the remark "Whatever that is...." and so I felt the need to explain to him and anyone else who doesn't understand the concept.  When I signed up to index today, I was lucky enough to be given a batch of records from the Hobart Public Cemetery in Tasmania.  The batch was for September 1946.  A new batch I&#…

Sepia Saturday 237: 19 July 2014

Alan from Sepia Saturday says "You might want to go to the ballet, or the dancehall, or the theatre or anywhere you find lots of chiffon and over-dramatic poses" for this week's Sepia Saturday prompt.

For some reason I can't locate any personal sepia photos to contribute to this week's theme so we will just have to make do with contributions from The Commons on Flickr.  

Dance in Queensland is going gangbusters at the moment.  Queensland Ballet recently staged MacMillan's production of Romeo and Juliet to sell out audiences.  My father was lucky enough to see it and said it was "Superb - no doubt the best ballet I have ever seen. The
costumes were simply gorgeous and the dancing, acting and music combined in
a way that made it almost like opera - but without the singing of course."  You can see some of the beautiful images from the production here.  You may remember Queensland Ballet's Artistic Director is Li Cunxin of Mao's Last Dancer fame.  H…

In my Father's Footsteps - Port Arthur

Have I said how much I like blogging?  I love blogging.  It's hard to explain why and I know some people just don't get it.  That's okay but I just wish I understood it better so I knew why I like it so much.  It's something to do with reflection or the ability to stop and look at things more closely.  I really value that.  Anyway - enough philosophy.  Why do you like blogging?

So today I could blog forever about our holiday to Tassie but I'm not really sure which blog is the right forum for that so I may do a more extensive blog on my old blog Luvvies Musings.

Today I just wanted to share some old and new photos.  While I was in Tassie I received an email from my father saying the following:

See you are at Port Arthur today-hope you enjoy it - its a grizzly part of our convict history but now a lovely site I think. I was there years ago with the RAN. We anchored in the bay for a coupe of days. Left it in a pretty foul state too I seem to recall - in those days war sh…

Sepia Saturday: 12 July 2014

Alan at Sepia Saturday says:

Back in the Good Old Days/Bad Old Days (*) when you went to the Barbers/Hairdressers (*) you would have a short back and sides/full perm and manicure (*) in a dirty little back street shop/smart beauty salon (*). Our theme image for Sepia Saturday 236 - post your posts on or around the 12th July 2014 - shows a lady enjoying a manicure whilst her hair is under the dryer at a salon on Eighth Street, New York in 1942. The photograph is by Marjory Collins and is part of the Flickr Commons stream of the Library of Congress. As far as possible themes are concerned, there is hair/beauty/nails/hair dryers/strange headgear.

Oh doesn't this week's theme bring back lots of memories?  My mother's idea of heaven was to go to the hairdresser's.  She did this every week from memory on a Friday afternoon.  I was probably picked up from school and then we would go to Madame Dupal's upstairs in the arcade at Garema Place in Canberra for her blow dry and se…