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What's On - Friday 28 August - Thursday 3 September 2015

Sit down a while and plan your week ahead...there's sure to be something here that takes your fancy....don't forget to check the calendar for the last week of #NFHM too.....

Saturday 29 August9:15am -12:00pm Murder and Mayhem at the Royal Historical Society of Queensland
Hear speakers on the Betty Shanks murder and the Brisbane Arcade Murders - Book Launch: Oxley-Gatton Murders: Exposing the Conspiracy - Launch of new Archaeology Exhibition: Disaster at the Commissariat Store.  Cost $20 (RHSQ Mmebers) $25 (non-Members) 
9:00am - 12:30pm Using Technology for Family History - GSQ
The best apps/blogs for Family history – Shauna Hicks.  YouTube: Education for genealogists, history for genealogists and other interesting bits – Judy Lofthouse. Family History in the Cloud – Geoff Doherty $20 (Members) $30 (Non-members)
10:00am -11:30am Family Tree Maker® (FTM) User Group QFHS
The Family Tree Maker (FTM) User Group shows members in a user-friendly way what they can achieve using the prog…

Sepia Saturday293 - 22 August 2015

This week's prompt from Sepia Saturday gave one much food for thought - pun entirely intended. One thought much about whether one had photos of cafes or canteens or shopping but one realised that one has posted them before here.  I decided instead to focus on historical photos from Queensland and boy, did I get distracted again.

First of all I found this photo:

It's pretty amazing - right?  My first thought was - Oh God!  How hot would that be in summer????? That building is clad in corrugated iron.  It must have been winter when this was taken - the workers are wearing fair isle vests and overalls and flanellette shirts. No-one looks too happy.  Check out those enormous teapots and the enamel mugs.  I reckon all the paper on the table is from the local chippy or fish and chip shop. It's funny how sitting communally at trestle tables is quite the done thing now in restaurants isn't it?  Not all restaurants to be sure - but some.  

So that photo led me on a chase to find o…

What's On - Friday 21 August - Thursday 27 August 2015

It's been another full week as part of National Family History Month and we're getting a bit excited where I work as we draw closer to another milestone on our WWI project.  I've taken the liberty of including the DVD launch next Wednesday in the list of events below.  

This week I went to my first A Night in the JOL and was delighted to meet Les Tobin whom, up til now, I've only met virtually on Jill Ball's GeneaHangouts on air.  We enjoyed seeing the Distant Lines exhibition on Level 2 of SLQ.  It is magnificent and I'm definitely going back again for a better look.

I am also delighted to report that the Mander Jones publications awards were announced at the Australian Society of Archivists Awards on Tuesday night in Hobart.  The lovely Saadia Thomson-Dwyer from Queensland State Archives won the the national award for the best publication that uses features or interprets Australian archives.  If you haven't seen her book The Banyo boys 1914-1918 : biographi…

What's On - Friday 14th August - Thursday 20th August

I hope you are enjoying National Family History Month - there's certainly plenty on to pique your interest.  Don't forget to tick off Shauna Hicks 31 Activities for Researchers, will you? 

Here is a just a taste of what's out there:

Friday 14 August 10:00am - 11:30am Fridays @ QFHS Brick Walls: solving tough research problems
We all have them, these tough research problems that defy any solution. Come along to hear a presentation of some strategies to assist in solving 'brick walls'. The presentation will be followed by a one-on-one clinic (11.00 am-12.30 pm) with QFHS experts who will work with you to advise on ways that may help with these intractable problems. Once you have registered, we will provide further information on the one-on-one sessions. $11 members $15 non-members.  Book online.
Saturday 15 August 9:30am -12:30pm QFHS New Members Welcome and Orientation
Are you a new member?  Is it a while since you have been to the Library and Resource Centre?  QFHS con…

What's On - Friday 7 August - Thursday 13 August

Once again, my weekly post seems a little redundant in the face of the fabulous National Family History Month calendar.  Please do make sure you check it out first as the list below will really only be some highlights and other bits and bobs that I have rather hurriedly put together, with my usual obvious biases :)

Friday 7 August10am QFHS Family Tree Maker® (FTM) User Group
At each meeting, we demonstrate the Family Tree Maker program. If you wish, bring your personal computer, tablet or smart phone and follow us on the big screen.

10am North Brisbane Branch of Genealogical Society of Qld.
The North Brisbane Branch of GSQ holds its meetings on the first Friday morning of each month (except January) at the Brisbane North Area Scouting Centre at 23 Sicklefield St Alderley. Doors open at 8.45 am. North Brisbane Members are able to borrow from our extensive library of books, magazines, fiche and CDs for a small fee.
Saturday 8 August9am - 4:30pm Queensland State Archives Public Reading Room o…

Sepia Saturday 290 - 1 August 2015

Alan Burnett from Sepia Saturday says

What better way to spend the day? Book into a smart hotel, relax with a glass of whatever you fancy, sit back and think about design. Our Sepia Saturday theme image this week comes from the Flickr stream of the Internet Book Archive and features an advert for the Hotel Ostend in Atlantic City, NY. When I look at the illustration I think about hotels, obviously, but I also think about design because, to me, it is a beautifully designed illustration. What you see when you look at the illustration is the starting point for your post for Sepia Saturday 290 - post you posts on or around Saturday 1 August 2015 - and whichever way you interpret the theme will be quite acceptable.
Oh I do love Sepia Saturday, so I do.  I get to learn so much and go places I've never been and find things I never knew existed.  I hope you do too. So, perhaps rather predictably given my origins, my hotel of choice today is.....drumroll

Oops!  This is meant to be sepia isn&#…