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Sepia Saturday 436 - Bowled over in Redfern

It's been another busy week of assignment writing.  I'm on the home stretch now, submitting my last assignment for the Convicts in Context course as part of the Diploma of Family History through University of Tasmania.

Life has thrown a curve ball at me and I have been pretty much flat on my back with a sore foot after dropping a table on it a fortnight ago.  I am an impatient patient and have been a bit glum.  But I got a mark back today for an assignment I submitted last month for the Writing the Family Saga course and it made all the pain worthwhile.  The feedback was really lovely too. So without further ado, here is another chapter in the saga of Kit....which I have submitted rather belatedly as part of Sepia Saturday.

Kit didn’t think it was possible for them to go any lower, but here they were in a boarding house in Redfern.
“How the mighty are fallen!” she thought to herself.
Ernest was wailing and the baby was fractious with the heat. Truth be known, Kit wanted to have a …