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Sepia Saturday 227: Saturday 10 May 2014

Well this week's theme is quite easy for me to match in terms of family photos.  I suspect some of you may have seen this one before but I saw it with new eyes this morning realising perhaps for the first time that my maternal grandfather, Thomas McLoughlin,  was sitting on a wicker chair.

Other family photos featuring wicker furniture are from the paternal side of the family.

This is, I suspect, a photo of a photo but it is much loved.  It features my two Aunts and my Uncle.  I only knew my elder Aunt Hazel on the left. My Aunt Trixie (the baby in the chair) died when very young.  That's Uncle Ted on the right and he died well before I was born.

This is their mother, my grandmother, Ethel, sitting at I strongly suspect a wicker table.  I also suspect that she would have embroidered that tablecloth.  I have a few of her tablecloths but I don't think that particular one.  I have posted this before so I really needed to find some "new" old photos.

My Gran did a lot of …

Amanuensis Monday

Thomas MacEntee from GeneaBloggers says:

If you have your own genealogy or family history related blog, you can participate in Amanuensis Monday. What is it?
Amanuensis Monday is a daily blogging prompt used by many genealogy bloggers to help them post content on their sites.
An Amanuensis is a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another. Amanuensis Monday is a daily blogging theme which encourages the family historian to transcribe family letters, journals, audiotapes, and other historical artifacts. Not only do the documents contain genealogical information, the words breathe life into kin – some we never met – others we see a time in their life before we knew them. ...
Amanuensis Monday is a popular ongoing series created by John Newmark at Transylvanian Dutch.

My contribution to this meme is the transcription of an advertisement I found in Trove the other day about my 3 x great-grandfather.  It's a bit sad really.  

The advertisement ap…

How Many Cousins Do You Know You Have?

Randy from Genea-Musings says:

1)  Take both sets of your grandparents and figure out how many first cousins you have, and how many first cousins removed (a child or grandchild of a first cousin) you have.

2)  Extra Credit:  Take all four sets of your great-grandparents and figure out how many second cousins you have, and how many second cousins removed you have.

HINT:  Make a Descendants Chart with your genealogy software program!

3)  Tell us the grandparents and great-grandparents names, but don't give the name of living cousins unless you want to.  

4)  Are there any of those lines that you don't know all of the cousins names?  Do you care?  

5)  Tell us about them in your own blog post, in a comment to this blog post, or in a Facebook or Google+ post of your own.  Be sure to drop a comment to this post to link to your work. 

Well, if this isn't a good way of checking your family tree is up to date, I don't know what is.

I'm always upgrading my Family Tree Maker softwar…

Sepia Saturday 226: 3 May 2014

Marilyn on Sepia Saturday says:

This week's prompt comes from the archives of The Library of Congress courtesy of Flickr Commons, where the subjects are taking part in what is described as a 'Greek Cymball Dance’ at a Sufragette Ball. Now, you may wish to hang on to that description as a possible avenue to explore if inspiration deserts you. Otherwise we have May Day, dancing, folk traditions or very silly poses; take your pick or forget about themes altogether. The main thing is to join in with an old image of your own choice and an interesting post to share with fellow Sepians. 

Hmmm.  very silly poses.

I trawled through my family photos and the closest I could come up with were these two photos.

Published by Paul Hamlyn in 1971 it encourages you to have "fun" parties with the help of menus for a brunch party, morning coffee party, luncheon party, kitchen tea, christening tea, open house party, after theatre party, patio party (I know, I know), wine and cheese party...…

Follow Friday

Today's blogging prompt comes from the fabulous 
Thomas MacEntee's GeneaBloggers Daily Blogging Prompts.

I follow nearly 300 blogs - not all of them Family History ones, mind.  
Some of them are about knitting, quilting, sewing, retro-cooking and books....all my favourite things in life.  
So how can I choose just one or two to recommend to you?
Well a few stood out for me this week.
In no particular order of merit... here they are:

Number 1
The Pharos Blog

I love Pharos Tutors.  I've completed a couple of short genealogy courses with them online and have been very happy with the quality of teaching and delivery.  I was really pleased to see them venture into blogland.  It's not easy writing a blog, particularly from a professional or academic point of view and they have grasped the bull by the horns and contributed a thoughtful, reflective voice to our world.  This week's post reminds us of the wealth of academic resources available online about population studies or demog…