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Sepia Saturday 176 - School Days

This week's Sepia Saturday theme is about the classroom.  It could be about chemistry.  It could be about classrooms.  It could be about glass.  It could be about windows.  We can always go quite broad in terms of theme with Sepia Saturday.  In my usual frog like fashion, I shall jump all over the place.
Chemistry and I did not go together.  Poor Mrs Pyle had an uphill battle with me.  And I had an uphill battle with Mrs Pyle's fashion sense.  I could not take seriously anyone who wore such lairy ponchoes.  It is apalling to confess, but I failed Chemistry miserably.  I always maintained I must have been away the day they explained everything.  It is fair to say that I loathed the subject.  
I found some photos of Canberra Girls Grammar, my alma mater, on the National Archives website.
These photos were taken in 20 August 1971.  I'm not really sure why.  But they certainly look like how I remembered the school.

Here is a photo of what I remember to be the science labs.  They w…

Smokin' - Sepia Saturday 175

The theme for this week's Sepia Saturday post is smoking and anything else associated with the prompt image on the blog e.g. black cats, vending machines and so on.
I am kind of excited about this theme because it gives me a chance to highlight an interesting series of photos found in my maternal grandfather's collection i.e. those belonging to Thomas McLouglin (1898 - 1982).     
 I don't know who is who in any of these photos or whether any of them are my grandfather.  It's hard to tell.  I suspect that they are friends, brothers or cousins.  I have a memory of my mother saying that her cousin was a photographer and there does seem to be a lot of posing going on and experimenting with light and contrast so, maybe her cousin's father owned the photography business first and then passed it on to his son.  

Here are some more photos of the likely lads.  They look rather sharp don't you think?  I think that could be my grandfather in the background. 

Last but not lea…