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Book of Me, Written by You - Prompt 20

Julie from Angler's Rest gives us Prompt Number 20
This week's prompt is  - The feeling of home
Home means different things to different people, so this week we are going to explore what it means to us
What does it feel like? How do you recognise it? What makes it home - people, place, time
My mother used to ask me - "Which is home for you?" ...

mostly because we had lived in a few homes and she wondered which one meant the most to me.  

It's hard to say....probably our home in Aranda but I loved our home in Glebe too.
I don't remember our first home - Hurstville...

This is where I came home to as a baby.
Then we traveled overseas and my home for a while was the had a pool and everything!

Here I am testing out the comfy furniture.  

We moved to Edinburgh...I think this place was had squirrels.  I liked squirrels.

And then this one...

See the VW Combie van parked out front....?  We called it Snoopy,

That became our home as we traveled around Europe...a …

Book of Me, Written by Me - Prompt 19

Julie, from Angler's Rest has devised a series of prompts for a meme that will run for 15 months and this week’s prompt is –  
Who Do You Miss?
Having just gone through the Festive season our thoughts turn to those not with us. 
Whether that is people who live elsewhere and that we will not see over the festive season People that have passed away. Who do you miss? Why do you miss them? Them as an individual Something specific to them

At Christmas time it is inevitable that I miss my mother who died 18 years ago.  Ghosts of Christmas past and all that.
Mummy loved Christmas.  Her passion for getting things "just right" tended to drive us all a bit barmy.  She always wanted a bigger tree, a bigger turkey and inevitably burned the midnight oil cooking or preparing something.  We were all emotional wrecks by the time the season was over but my goodness did she put on a good show and a fabulous feast.  Yes, I can do without the stress but of course I still miss her and all the hullabal…

Sepia Saturday 209: 4 January 2014

Alan on Sepia Saturday says

"All that Christmas and New Year stuff is behind us and we drive, full speed ahead, into 2014. And our vehicle of choice is a cross between a stretch limo and a country bus. There are plenty of potential prompts to be found in this image which comes from the collection of the Royal Australian Historical Society on Flickr Commons : cars, buses, dams, men in white coats." 
I do hope I haven't posted this photo before.  It is another favourite of mine but I know zip about it....other than that's my mother (the little girl) standing smack bang in the front of the photo there.  No grown-ups near her look familiar so maybe her nearest and dearest was taking the photo.  Was it her mother or her father I wonder?  Where were they?  Blue Mountains I'm guessing or maybe Newcastle....

Here's a postcard of the construction of the Cotter Dam.  According to the brochure from the discovery  trail it was originally constructed between 1912-1916.
On the…

Caboolture, Pine Rivers and Redcliffe - Local History Education Resources

Gosh!  Two blog posts in one day.  I must be excited!
Well I am to tell the truth.
The most marvellous resources have just been published on the web for teachers and students.  Aligned to the Australian Curriculum, the resources were originally designed for use with Year 5 students but I think are a fantastic resource for any age level.
In fact, I'm so excited I'm going to use them for my next geneadventures!
Check them out here.
You might like to check out this page too.
Disclosure:  Yes I am currently employed by Moreton Bay Region Library Service.   Whilst you may consider me completely biased because of this fact, I hasten to add my employer did not ask me to blog about this.  A few years ago I worked with the two women employed by the Library Services who are responsible for putting these resources together.  I know that it would have been a labour of love for both of them and I think it will be a resource much valued by the local community and educators.
Please check it out and …

2014 New Year's Resolutions for Family History

Accentuate the Positive 2013 Geneameme

The fabulous Jill from Geniaus encourages us to reflect on our efforts in the past year with the following questions:

1.  An elusive ancestor I found was

The article below is about my paternal 2nd-great-grandfather Edward Connor (yes the spelling of Conner/or is up for debate).  My gran always told us he shot himself but we were sceptical, shall we say.  Well, Gran was right.  

Where on earth did Edward get the gun????

He didn't die until 1903 as per this notice.

I suspect it was something to do with this....

I ordered the death certificate and received it in May but English death certificates are not as fulsome as Australian ones.  I have just realised that I was so excited to get the certificate that I gave it to my father without making a copy first (silly me).  I don't think it even tells us where he is buried.  Most frustrating.  So that is something I would like to do this year - find where he is buried.  

I joined the Hampshire Family History Society in August but have really …