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Not with a whimper but a bang!

This is the way National Family History Month ends This is the way National Family History Month ends This is the way National Family History Month ends Not with a whimper but a bang!
(with apologies to TS Eliot)

Today was one of those days that just happened to turn out for the best.  Just as well really because I was a bit low last night.  
I was a bit low because Robbie and I have really been suffering a dreadful bout of the flu this week.  Last night I was meant to go to a concert with my kids but was still a bit too "not chipper" to be standing in a mosh pit dancing to my favourite band - yes, tragic at my age I know, but there you go.  
Anyway, so I was a bit sorry for myself last night but determined to turn it around today.  And today was the last day of August.  The last day of National Family History Month in Australia.  Next weekend is Father's Day in Oz but we decided to celebrate it early in the Daw household and I took my father and his partner out for brunch this…

Sepia Saturday 241: 16 August 2014

Every week I participate in a meme called Sepia Saturday and this week Alan suggests: 
Our theme this week revolves around letters home and you can interpret it as widely as you want. It might be letters, it might be cards, it might be writing, it might be people far away from home. All you need to do is to feature an old photograph and tell us a little about it.
I'm a bit short on time (and photos if I'm honest) so this week's contribution is a postcard.

Unfortunately I don't know the area well enough to say where this picture would have been taken from but I welcome comments and observations on same.

The postcard is from my maternal grandmother, Kit, who died before I was born and four years after this was written. It is addressed to my maternal grandfather Tom. 

 Here is the back of the postcard.

The card is dated 30 December 1952 so just before New Year's Eve.  It says:

Dear Tom

Hope you have managed all right.  We have had a very nice time up to date.  Bell has been v…

Spit and Polish!

Today's the day to apply a bit of spit and polish to the old blog I say!
Earlier this week fellow blogger Geniaus told us about fixing up her blog and asked for feedback.  

This led to me calling for other geneabloggers who might be interested in joining in the same sort of each other feedback and making adjustments/improvements to their blog.   

I have suggested that we say one thing we LOVE about the blog and one thing that we think could be improved/lost/added.
There are six of us so far who are prepared to take the plunge and it's by no means too late if you want to join in too.  Just add your name to the link below and post your comments on each other's blogs.
By the by, I've also discovered that the lovely Thomas MacEntee and Lisa Alzo from Hack Genealogy are running a Blogging Boot Camp this weekend.  
This ties in nicely with Shauna Hicks suggestion for today to attend or listen to a webinar or Google + Hangout.  
It's not too late to sign up for…

National Family History Month 2014 Geneameme

Lovely Pauleen from Family History Across the Seas has offered this Geneameme for your consideration.  What a great idea!  I'm in !  My answers are below.

What are you doing for NFHM?

Shauna Hick's 31 Activities for Researchers
What do you hope to learn in NFHM?


Do you research at a family or local history library?

Yes! QFHS! We're having an Open Day on Saturday 23 August 10am-3pm.Why don't you come along?  We're here.

Do you do all your research online?  


What’s your favourite place to store your family tree? 

In several places I guess so if something goes wrong, I know it's somewhere! Online, on a computer, on paper.

If offline, which genealogy program do you use? (do tell us its strengths/weaknesses if you like)

I use Family Tree Maker and have done since time immemorial.  There's a bit of me that suspects that it is not the best but then I guess all software has its advantages and disadvantages.  I also suspect that any difficulties I have are user error…

Pimp Your Blog this weekend!

Just like my daughter's partner, Dan, who spends every weekend "pimping" his cars - endlessly tuning, tinkering and playing under the bonnet and modifying the body - I suspect that many genealogy bloggers are also trying out new looks and playing with the design of their blogs.

Fellow geneablogger Geniaus talked about modifications to her template today and asked how often we gave blog layout and design a health check.  She got great feedback and offers of help which inspired me to think about having a Blog Pimping day this Saturday.

Would you like to sign up to help others spring clean their blogs?  Sometimes spring cleaning is an overwhelming task and you don't know where to begin.  What if someone "came over" and offered to help or said "Let's tackle this first" ? 

I propose that we all commit to cleaning up our blogs (even just a teensy bit) this weekend.  

This is how it would work.  When you sign up in the comments below today you commit to …

Sepia Saturday 240: 9th August 2014

Every week I try to contribute to something called Sepia Saturday.

It's a community of bloggers who love looking closely at old sepia photos and who post at about the same time on the same meme.  This week's meme is, for want of a better descriptor, mug shots.  Alan says: If you have any criminals in your family background and have photographs of them, then you could post those.  Equally, any official photograph would fit this theme and allow you to avoid the charge of posting under false pretences. Indeed any portrait will do and, don't forget, you won't be charged with treason if you ignore the theme and post any old photograph you choose.

So I am going to blog about one of my husband's ancestors.  The one that has given us most trouble.  Our brickwall.  Because he has simply vanished and I would love to find out what happened to him, though I suspect we never will find out.

Here's the one and only photo I have of him.

Robert James Daw was born Thursday 17 July 1…

Wordless Wednesday

I know how frustrating Wordless can be so I'm just going to include the description that my husband gave of where this was taken.  This is Carey's Corner (that white building you can see at the end of the street).  It's on the corner of Nerang and Scarborough Streets Southport where the taxi rank has always been (he claims) near the Cecil Hotel.  Who was Cecil Carey I wonder.  And that's Allison's Drapers that you can see half of the awning next to Carey's Corner.  All comments about this photo gratefully excepted.  I'm guessing it was taken c 1955.

It's a bit difficult to get the same perspective of course these days but this is where we are talking about.

For more memories have a read here on the Southport Stories.  And for another perspective have a look at the photo here.  Bit of a shame about losing the clock.

Trove Tuesday

This is the funeral notice for my husband's great-grandfather on his mother's side i.e. his mother's grandfather on her father's side.  

Patrick died on Thursday 2 August 1945 in Nimmo Street Booval which is not very far from the racecourse.

This notice appeared the next day and he was buried that day.  It will be 70 years ago this time next year that he died.  He died before my husband was born and before my mother-in-law married.  

What's great about this funeral notice is that it gives me lots of names and places connected with the family that I didn't necessarily know before.    I think the Mr and Mrs W Smith of Strathpine must have been my mother-in-law's father's 2nd family, if that makes sense.  

Looking back at the Death Certificate (it's always good to go back and look with "fresh eyes") I see that Patrick was a good age when he died 89 years and 8 months - nearly 90.  He was a labourer.  He died of senile decay.  His daughter was the…

National Family History Month - QFHS Seminar Fortune and Misfortune

From the Library of Congress Pauline Frederick's Potiphar's Wife
National Family History Month got off to a great start on Saturday in Queensland with the QFHS' latest seminar at the Queensland Baptist Conference Centre.  It was called Fortune and Misfortune: Parish Chest, Poor Law and Bankruptcy.
Over 40 hardy family historians decided to forgo the beautiful Queensland winter sunshine and participate in this very worthwhile educational exercise.

 I took notes using Evernote on my iPad.  I'm not going to give you a blow-by-blow account of each of the speaker's talks because that would discourage you from going along to QFHS talks.  What I shall do, instead, is attempt to give you a taste of what  was covered to encourage you to attend in future.  

The three speakers each undertook a different facet of the subject matter.

The first speaker, Bev Bonning, introduced us to the delights of the Parish Chest and all the treasures that it contains. 

I guess what I got most out o…