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Pimp Your Blog this weekend!

Just like my daughter's partner, Dan, who spends every weekend "pimping" his cars - endlessly tuning, tinkering and playing under the bonnet and modifying the body - I suspect that many genealogy bloggers are also trying out new looks and playing with the design of their blogs.

Fellow geneablogger Geniaus talked about modifications to her template today and asked how often we gave blog layout and design a health check.  She got great feedback and offers of help which inspired me to think about having a Blog Pimping day this Saturday.

Would you like to sign up to help others spring clean their blogs?  Sometimes spring cleaning is an overwhelming task and you don't know where to begin.  What if someone "came over" and offered to help or said "Let's tackle this first" ? 

I propose that we all commit to cleaning up our blogs (even just a teensy bit) this weekend.  

This is how it would work.  When you sign up in the comments below today you commit to visiting at least three other geneablogs on Saturday and making constructive comments.  People can choose to ignore the comment,s of course, but if five people say the same thing...well...maybe they're on to something.  

Do I have to say "Be nice!"?  I don't think so.  Genealogists are the loveliest people in the world right?  But because I suspect we're sensitive folk too, perhaps we could say one thing (or more of course) we really like about each other's blog and then maybe one thing that we think the blogger could lose or improve.  Waddya reckon?  Are you in?


GeniAus said…
Count me in. Fabuloous idea Alex.
GeniAus said…
Me again. I have shared this link on a few social media platforms.Hope it leads to some activity.
I'd appreciate people looking at and my new blog (I'm a Wordpress novice and need lots of assistance).
I like the idea but it makes me nervous I'll admit...
Sharon said…
I am always happy to make improvements and receive constructive criticism so count me in :)

Great Idea!
Wendy said…
Perfect timing. I'm planning some changes to my blog anyway to celebrate my blogiversary coming up. Count me in.
Alex Daw said…
Thank you so much Jill - I really appreciate it. Ooh ! A new blog! Lubberly Jubberly!
Alex Daw said…
Hi Pauleen - I'm so glad you're joining us! Feel the fear and do it anyway ;)
Alex Daw said…
Hi Sharon. That's great news. Looking forward to it.
Alex Daw said…
Hi Wendy. A blogiversary - yay! Good timing indeed.
True Lewis said…
I join in! I'll be making some big changes after Hack Bootcamp and Genealogy Roadshow. I know I need improvements.
Alex Daw said…
Hoorah! Good for you. I've signed up for the Hack Bootcamp too.
Anonymous said…
Sign me up. I need a fresh look at Great idea!

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