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National Family History Month 2014 Geneameme

Lovely Pauleen from Family History Across the Seas has offered this Geneameme for your consideration.  What a great idea!  I'm in !  My answers are below.

What are you doing for NFHM?

Shauna Hick's 31 Activities for Researchers
What do you hope to learn in NFHM?


Do you research at a family or local history library?  

Yes! QFHS! We're having an Open Day on Saturday 23 August 10am-3pm.Why don't you come along?  We're here.

Do you do all your research online?  


What’s your favourite place to store your family tree? 

In several places I guess so if something goes wrong, I know it's somewhere! Online, on a computer, on paper.

If offline, which genealogy program do you use? (do tell us its strengths/weaknesses if you like)

I use Family Tree Maker and have done since time immemorial.  There's a bit of me that suspects that it is not the best but then I guess all software has its advantages and disadvantages.  I also suspect that any difficulties I have are user error rather than the software itself.

How do you preserve your family stories for future generations?

Hmm...I guess it's the blog really at the moment.  I have a great stash of folders and filing cabinets full of files which some poor person will curse me for in the future I'm sure.

Have you any special research projects on the go?

No not really.  

What is your favourite family history research activity?

I love going to Archives and looking at real records.

What is your favourite family history research place/library etc?

Oh that's a difficult question.  There are so many.  I probably feel most at home at QFHS because other members are there and you can have a chat and share information.  However I have to confess a frisson of excitement when I walked in to the State Library of Victoria's Family History section last year.  It looked so wonderful and I'd love to get back there one day.

What is your favourite website for genealogy research?

I use several and they all have their advantages - Trove is possibly the most satisfying but I also appreciate Family Search (particularly the Wiki) and GenUki.

Are you part of a Facebook genealogy group? If so which one?

I've joined quite a few.  

Australian Genealogy
Devon Family History Society
Australian Family History and Genealogy
The Book of Me Written By You
The Organized Genealogist
Who Did (Didn't) You Find Today
British Isles Genealogy
Genealogists for Families Project
Technology for Genealogy
Sunday Scan Day  

Do you use webinars or podcasts for genealogy? Any tips?

Ooh yes.  Webinars mostly I suppose.  I need to get into podcasts but for some reason wrestle with the technology or don't walk enough to listen long enough.  The webinars I sign up for tend to be with Legacy.  I check Dear Myrtle's GeneaWebinars Calendar to see what is coming up.

Do you use social media? eg Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn


What genealogy topic/class have you learnt the most from this year at a webinar/conference/seminar?

It's hard to choose because we've had a great series of Family History seminars at work and they're free.  But I really like the QFHS' seminar program too which is a bit more meaty and excellent value for $.  And look the next seminar features none other than the lovely Pauleen Cass herself :)  I wish I could go to the ones at the National Archives too because they look really interesting but are only held during the week.  

Do you have a favourite research strategy to knock down your brick walls?

Shauna Hicks came out to our Library earlier this month and gave a fabulous seminar on demolishing your brick walls.  You can read her presentation on her resources page here.  You'll need to scroll down the page and look for the heading Presentations.  I think her tip of going over your information again and again with "fresh eyes" to see what you've missed is a good one.

Have you used DNA testing for your genealogy?

No, but I think that might be a goal for this year and would appreciate advice on which way to go.

Have you made cousin connections through your DNA tests?

No - see above.

Do you have a wish list of topics for NFHM 2015?

Maybe something on orphanages would be good because it is a favourite topic of mine.

What do you most love about your family history research?

Meeting other mad researchers/bloggers like me who have messy homes and love books.


TravelGenee said…
Hi, Nice to read about others in the Geneameme for NFHM2014. It has been really good me checking out your posting. Also thanks for sharing my link party. I see you have a Ravelry link. I joined up ages ago to get a free pattern and on checking back today I found I had set up a profile. They also give a feed for my recent posts. So great to re-find this via your posting. Fran
Alex Daw said…
Thanks TravelGenee - so pleased that you got something out of this post. I'm pleased to have found your blog. Travel and Genealogy is a match made in heaven as far as I'm concerned :)
Judy Webster said…
I was interested to see that we think alike about some things, including 'What is your favourite family history research activity?' I've just posted my response to the meme (in Genealogy Leftovers).
Orphanages would be a good topic I think especially now QSA has some available online. Sounds like many of us are on the same page re travel+genealogy ;-) How lucky to be able to go to seminars for FH at work....lucky woman!! I look forward to meeting you at the October seminar at QFHS. I loved their flyer for the Open Day, too, and have added to my FH page on Pinterest.

Sorry about the delayed response - I enjoyed your post when it went up but my ipad is not liking commenting on non-WP pages :-(
Alex I think I'm going mad....I thought I'd replied but it seems not! My apologies. I enjoyed your responses and could identify with someone cursing about the files and folders :-)

Look forward to meeting up at QFHS.
Alan Burnett said…
Such an interesting insight - and so useful to compare notes about how others approach the fascinating subject of family history.
I liked the list of Facebook groups - some I had never heard of before
Alex Daw said…
Thanks Judy. I like your post too. It left me lots to think about - particularly pursuing my genetics
Alex Daw said…
Ooh I'm so pleased you like the Orphanages idea. I am very lucky aren't I? It will be so nice to catch up in October. Ooh ...must look at Pinterest too.
Alex Daw said…
Hi Pauleen - you're not going mad...I was just madly busy at work today and couldn't get to my blog quickly enough to approve comments.
Alex Daw said…
Dear Alan - so glad you found it useful. Just love this hobby and it's always good to share huh?
Alex Daw said…
Dear KerrieAnne - I am desperately looking for a list of Family HIstory Facebook Groups I found somewhere...there are so many that it is slightly depressing...I suspect I found them listed on Family Search or something like that.
Alex Daw said…
PS Thank you for visiting my blog !

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