Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

I know how frustrating Wordless can be so I'm just going to include the description that my husband gave of where this was taken.  This is Carey's Corner (that white building you can see at the end of the street).  It's on the corner of Nerang and Scarborough Streets Southport where the taxi rank has always been (he claims) near the Cecil Hotel.  Who was Cecil Carey I wonder.  And that's Allison's Drapers that you can see half of the awning next to Carey's Corner.  All comments about this photo gratefully excepted.  I'm guessing it was taken c 1955.

It's a bit difficult to get the same perspective of course these days but this is where we are talking about.

Google Pic taken in 2007

For more memories have a read here on the Southport Stories.  And for another perspective have a look at the photo here.  Bit of a shame about losing the clock.

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