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Extra! Extra! Read all about it - Sepia Saturday

I haven't blogged for a while.  My apologies for the silence.  I've been busy graduating which seemed to involve lots of lovely dinners with good friends and family and being a tourist for a few days enjoying galleries and the like.

And so to today's meme courtesy of Sepia Saturday.

We still read newspapers in our house.  We tend to be a bit old-fashioned.  The photo at the top is of my father reading a paper in Edinburgh when we lived there for a short while when he was studying for his PhD.  
My husband enjoys nothing better than reading the paper on the weekend sitting in the sun in winter or the shade in summer.
 He has to sit outside because, shock, horror he is a smoker and I am the world's worst reformed smoker.  He is sitting next to the guinea pigs, who don't have a choice.  Correction...guinea pig.  We lost one this week.  Chip. Famous for reading books on this blog here.  RIP Chip.  I'm sorry you suffered so much.
It's been a bad week.  We lost the bi…