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Resolutions, Reflections and Requiem

I woke up this morning a bit like a kid on Christmas Day.  
I had worked like a navvy yesterday to try and clean up my desk so that I could be prepared for the Genealogy Do Over.
 I have literally put all my old research behind me.  


See!  There are all my old lever arch files.  I won't show you all the crap that is now lying in the hallway waiting to be chucked.  
Honestly - I am in heaven.  
This was my mother's desk.  And I've had that bookcase on top of it for the past 20 years. It worked well but I do love having all the desk space to work on rather than only half of it.
The way it is positioned now, I can talk to Robert in the kitchen face-on, if I need to....and if he can hear me, over the sizzling saucepans....see?  And I can also see people straight away when they come to the front door.  Yay!  
I can also see all the photo albums that need to be sorted...oh well... you can't have everything.

I decided that I'm only going to have genealogy and local history b…

Do-Over Down Under

Last month, Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers advised the Genealogy community that he was starting over.  He invited us to join him on a 13-week journey where we put our old research to one side (physical and digital) and....start again.

Thomas has set up a Facebook Page and a new website with a schedule and resources.  You can sign up to receive Genealogy Do-Over emails here.

This kinda appeals to me.  I've always set New Year's Resolutions despite my negative inner voice forecasting doom and gloom.  And yes I'm not a shining example of success - I'm still overweight and I could do more exercise and I could drink less alcohol but hey....if you don't set goals you don't have a direction do you?  And in life I choose to lean on the side of positive rather than negative.  So I'm in Thomas!  

I was going to say "In like Flynn".  That prompted to ask myself the question "Who was Flynn anyway?".  Being a good Genealogist, Iresearched (googled) t…

Accentuate the Positive Geneameme 2014

Lovely Jill Ball of Geniaus encourages us to reflect on our achievements again. I am particularly keen to embrace this challenge as today is my blog's third Anniversary - who'd a thunk?

1.  An elusive ancestor I found was

Zip really in this regard but I'm not complaining because it was a very full and productive year all round.

2.  A precious family photo I found was

There were lots of precious family photos found this year on my husband's side of the family.  You can read more about the discovery here.  The important thing I learned was to go through everything carefully e.g. old papers....what might look like crap e.g. old newspaper articles might be protecting something more valuable....

3.  An ancestor's grave I found was

No graves found this year but I did discover that Royston George DUNCAN has no known grave but will be commemorated on several occasions this year at the Australian War Memorial as per this blog post here - one of those occasions was at 1am this mor…