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Sepia Saturday 221: 29 March 2014

Alan from Sepia Saturday says:

When I previewed this Sepia theme image a few weeks ago I suggested "floods, water, weather, floating cars and sepia skies" as possible interpretations. Looking back at this list now, I have to say that I, for one, am heartily sick of the first four on the list and I suspect the last suggestion is somewhat inaccurate. Those aren't sepia skies they are a kind of faded pink skies. But here at Sepia Saturday there is no such thing as a mistake, merely a new potential interpretation. So you can add to the list strange tints and colours in old photographs. I chose this particular photograph for a theme because it comes from a new contributor to Flickr Commons - the Provincial Archives of Alberta, Canada. Lovers of old photographs everywhere should celebrate every time museums, archives and galleries add their digitised image collection to Flickr for the free enjoyment of everyone rather that burying them within a barbed-wire corset of copyright l…

Sepia Saturday 220: 22 March 2014

Alan from Sepia Saturday says:
Our sepia friend Postcardy suggested statues and monuments as a theme for this week and also pointed us in the direction of this 1914 photograph of the Jefferson Statue in Columbia (which is taken from the Library of Congress collection on Flickr Commons). Photographers of all ages and all times have always been drawn to statues : there is nothing like a mounted equestrian hero or a stone-clad voluptuous heroine to get the camera shutters clicking. So for Sepia Saturday 220 (post your posts on or around Saturday 22 March 2014) all you have to do is to highlight an old photograph which in any convoluted way fits in with the theme image and tell us a little about it. Post your post, link your link, visit your visitors and help make Sepia Saturday a monument to blogging nostalgia.
Statues...I love 'em.  Brisbane's got quite a few when you think about it.  We got all excited about them during World Expo '88 and the ones from Expo are scattered thro…

Sepia Saturday 219: 15 March 2014

Alan says:

We have Wendy Mathias to thank for our Sepia prompt once again this week and she points us in the direction of domes, ceilings, arches, and significant buildings. The dome in question is that of the Reading Room of the Library of Congress in Washington. There is a rather pleasing pattern to the image - which dates from the very beginning of the twentieth century - so you might want to add patterns to the list of possible interpretations. 

If you would like to participate, go here for more instructions.

I always find it difficult to find a focus for these themes. I do tend to jump all over the place - hence my blog name - Family Tree Frog.
Possibly the most famous dome in Brisbane where I live is the one belonging to Customs House.  I've been to a wedding there once -  or was it just the reception? Anyway - it's all very swish and hasn't changed much from the photo above. Check out the street view on Google Maps.

View Larger Map

Our own wedding had a bit of a dome...i…

Sepia Saturday 218: 8 March 2014

Alan says: 
We have Sepian Wendy Mathias to thank for our theme image this week. It is from a series of images showing the areas in Sydney affected by the outbreak of Bubonic Plague in 1900. Wendy suggests fences, back yards or bubonic plague as possible theme suggestions, but, as usual, the choice is yours. All you need to do is to find an old image - whether it is linked to the theme image or not - say a few words about it, post your post on your blog on or around Saturday 8 March 2014 and add a link to the list on Sepia Saturday.
The great Australian back yard.  What would we do without it I wonder?  It used to be conventionally a quarter acre block but you're pretty lucky if you have that now.  We've got a large handkerchief sized block.
Here's someone practising hanging out the washing.  I think it might be Joyce Wingfield but it might be my mother.

And this is definitely Joy seeing what's going on in the next door neighbour's back yard....

Here is my mother in her…