Genealife in Lockdown - NFHM Blogging Challenge


Hi everyone!

Who feels like another blogging challenge?

It's National Family History Month in August in the land down under called Australia.  You can read all about it here.

Some of us are in lockdown.  Some of us feel like we might be soon.   So, what better thing to do than revive our flagging blogs and share some family history stories about our favourite hobby.  Whether it's how we do it, what we're currently doing, who we're researching, why we love family history, where we research or when, let's blog as often as we can in August.

Our theme is Genealife in Lockdown.  You can be inspired by the pandemic vocabulary.  Words such as quarantine, isolation, distance, contacts, herd, vaccine, mask and lockdown might provide inspiration.  Or the month of August.  Or the Olympics!  We don't care.  Just blog!

We think blogging every Sunday in August would be an Olympic effort.  You could earn the Genea-ralissimo badge.

Or perhaps you will do just one post and earn the genie badge.  That's okay.  We all lead very busy lives.

If you are made of sterner stuff and do two posts in the month of August, you might be a geni-oz

Three posts a month earns you a genea-rator badge.  You are powering!


Which badge will you earn?  What are you going to write about?  Plan your posts now and resolve to comment on other's blogs too.
Once you have posted to your blog feel free to link your posts here so we have a digest.  You might want to bookmark this post now so you can find it again.

All the best for blogging for National Family History Month!



Jennifer Jones said…
This is a fabulous idea Alex. I was wondering what to do for FHM. Now all I need to do is get a few thoughts out of my head into some sort of organisation. Time to do some planning.
Alex Daw said…
Hoorah! Thanks for embracing the challenge so enthusiastically Jennifer.
Thinking required! Which shall I be? Surely at least one post is possible.
crgalvin said…
Great idea, thanks Alex.
Alex Daw said…
Dear Pauleen and Carmel - thanks so much for swinging by. Pauleen I have every faith in you. One will be absolutely fabulous. I am having so much fun thinking of ideas already. I have my best ideas in the shower. Carmel it will be fun won't it? Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
TravelGenee said…
Alex, wonderful idea. I’ll try to do at least one though I might be looking for the Zero-option badge.
Alex Daw said…
Hoorah! Another one to join in the fun :) You won't need a zero badge Fran. You are super organized and very productive :)
Crissouli said…
I already write at least 8 blogs a month.. will that count?
I think I should be able to add at least one more.. :-)
Maggie said…
Fab idea, Alex!
Alex Daw said…
Thank you dear Chris and Maggie. Chris, I am sure you can ! Maggie will you join in the fun ?
Sharn White said…
Dear Alex, what a a wonderful idea and since I just revived my blog after a break of four months I am definitely up for this challenge, Sharn
Alex Daw said…
Dear Sharn - Welcome aboard ! I look forward to reading your despatches :)
Lilian's Tree said…
Hi Alex,
I'm going to give it a try. Genealife in Lockdown, interesting and as I have another four weeks, I should be able to write something.
Thanks for the prod,
Flissie said…
Wow, Alex- you have us all keen. This should get me going again. I have been a little tardy during lockdown. Thank you for the inspiration, now to get those fingers tapping.
Cheers to all
Alex Daw said…
Welcome dear Lilian and Isabel - it's a real party now you two are joining us. We are going to have so much fun. I'm dreaming up a scavenger hunt as we speak. Stand by for more news!
Kerryn Taylor said…
Great idea thanks Alex.
Now to try and get my brain into gear.
Alex Daw said…
I know what you mean Kerryn. I am looking forward to getting my blogging mojo back ! :)
GeniAus said…
Here's my first post.
GeniAus said…
Here's my first post :
Alex Daw said…
Thanks dear Jill :)
I've Mr Linky'd my first post here
Alex Daw said…
Thank you my friend - not sure what on earth is going on with that Mister Linky link. I've tried to fix it a couple of times.

I have somewhat belatedly joined your challenge. My contribution at reflects on my week.
Alex Daw said…
Robert this is fantastic news. Never too late. :)
tasteach said…
Hi Alex, Here are my posts so far:
Two more to go in the month.

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