Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fab Feb Photo Collage - Day 22

I'm late ...I'm late...I'm terriby late.  And I'm also forgetful.

I don't want to give this photo a caption because I am unsure as to who it is....

I have a memory of my mother's voice telling me that it is Alice Agnes Forfar nee Bourke, the second wife of Walter William Forfar.

But I'm not sure please don't take my word for it.

I'm going to confer with cousins in the meantime.

The photo was in my grandfather's this could be a McLoughlin instead - or a Taylor.

The back of the photo looks like this

From some cursory research on Trove there are 35 Sydney Morning Herald articles/advertisements featuring the phrase "Leicagraph Co" from 1937 -1959.

Alice Agnes Bourke was born in 1872 and died in 1944 at the age of 72 - so, if it is her, I reckon this photo was taken between 1935 and 1944.  But more likely the mid 30s.

In March 1937 the Leicagraph Company is advertising for an experienced Leica operator.  The company is based at Kyle House, Macquarie Place.  By June they are advertising for Girls, Printers and Enargers

In November 1938 the company is advertising for a "Boy, 15, permanent position to energetic lad.  Apply 10am, the Leicagraph Co, 30 Pitt Street."

It is interesting however if you change the search terms to just "Leicagraph".

And broaden the search out to include other papers.

For example I found this article in the Courier Mail about the "popular craze" and "big industry" of street photography in Sydney in 1935.

And this one about whether or not street photographers could be considered employees or just working on commission. 

This article reports that the company had premises in the Strand Arcade in 1935.

The Fortunes of Poppy Treloar by Pixie…
I was interested to see a photo of Pixie O'Harris in this article.  I loved reading The Fortunes of Poppy Treloar when I was growing up.  My mother had recommended it to me. Pixie seems to be wearing the same style of fur collared coat as the woman in my photo - so maybe we can settle on 1937. 

Alice would have been about 65 in 1937 and this looks right to me.

Another possibility is that it is Margaret McLoughlin nee Taylor, my grandfather's mother, who died in 1957.

Well I'm off to email cousins on both sides of the family.

Fashion and car enthusiasts feel free to give me the benefit of your opinion.

Thanks to these wonderful women Julie, Pauleen and Kristin for the inspiration for this post.


Kristin said...

Good luck with your identifications. I like the way you write these up. It gives me a real feeling for being right there while you try and figure it out.

Mary-Ann said...

Hi Alex

It could be Marg (Joe McLoughlin's wife) i.e. your grandfather Tom's sister in law???

Alex Daw said...

Dear Mary-Ann

Thanks so much. I didn't think it was Kit's sister. That makes more sense - particularly if the other gent with Tom is Joe. I should post or email you more photos so you can have a confab with other relations.