Monday, February 4, 2013

Raindrops on roses....

1955 March Barbara McLoughlin

Now, I do hope that you're not quite sick of my mother yet!

She is just 19 in this photo.  Younger than my daughter is now.  Younger than my son. 

There is no other identifying information on the back of the photo apart from March 1955 written in pencil.

She looks very business-like. 

I found an application for employment with the NSW Public Service Board in her papers from 1971.

It serves as a resume would today.    In her application she records that she completed her Intermediate at Petersham Junior Girls High in 1951 and then completed 4th Year at Fort Street High in1952. 

Barbara then spent 10 months at Miss Hale's Business College in Margaret Street, Sydney - 1953.  She also worked for Prudential Assurance Company in Martin Place from May to November 1953 but resigned from 'almost total boredom' (her words). 

She then studied Dress Design at East Sydney Tech for 18 months  - so I think she is in her last months of studying Dress Design in this photo.  

And she would have been working as a Receptionist/Typist for the Small Homes Service run by the Institute of Architects which was housed on the 5th Floor of the George Street, David Jones.  Here's a typical article promoting their services in the Sun Herald in 1954. 

What do you think is in that brown paper package tied up with string?  

It looks like a painting to me. 

BTW Sound of Music didn't come out for another ten years....


Jill Ball said...

Certainly looks like a framed object. Yep Painting?
Or Photo? Certficate?

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

It's a gorgeous photo Alex and yes it could be a picture. The outfit is very much of the time, with gloves,pearls and stockings. The skirt looks as if she may have had a rope or small net petticoat under it to puff the swing skirt out.

I remember well when any quality shop wrapped like that -the fabric shop in Queen St, Brisbane was very particular.

Boobook said...

This would be one of those photos taken randomly by a street photographer. It's a lovely photo.

Alex Daw said...

Dear Jill

Yes if only we knew!!


Alex Daw said...

Dear Pauleen

Thank you. I've never heard of a rope petticoat before. That's something to add to my store of useful information...was the fabric shop Gardam's?


Alex Daw said...

Dear Boobook

Thank you for confirming my suspicions on both counts - that it is a candid photo and a beautiful one at that :)