Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fab Feb Photo Collage - Day Fourteen

Eleanor Eliza Cook in England c 1890s

I swear I did not plan this post for today. 
 It is sheer good luck that it happens to be Valentine's Day.

It is of my paternal great-grandmother Eleanor Eliza Cook.

She was born 21 September 1874 at 58 Orange Street and the birth was registered in Portsea Town, Portsmouth in the county of Southampton (No. 252).  At the time, her mother Caroline was living at 25 Orange Street Portsea and her father James was a Gunner on HMS "Monarch".

Of course now I want to know who was at 58 Orange Street.  Was she born at a relative's house?  Pop that on my To Do list.  Are there Post Office Directories for that time in Portsmouth?  Does anyone know?

At the age of 17 Eleanor married Edwin Conner on 24 May 1892 at the Parish Church in the Parish of Portsea.  (Number 319 on the register)  She was then living at 3 Queen's Road.  Edwin was an Engine Room Artificer at 31 Regent Street.  

They then emigrated to Australia in 1912.  

So I think this photo would have been taken maybe before they were married or certainly before children with a waist like that!

Their first child Constance was born in 1893 so I think we can narrow it down to 1890-1892.

Of course, if there is an expert out there in costume, please feel free to correct me.

At any rate the photo is pre 1912 if it was taken before they moved to Australia as suggested by my grandmother on the back of the photo.

Thanks to the following fellow bloggers for coming up with this great meme

Happy Valentine's Day !


Kristin said...

That blouse would rival the Little Lord Fauntleroy blouse on Ted Conner a few days ago. Is he the one she married?

Kristin said...

I just noticed the link with my name above takes you to the old blog. The new url is

Alex Daw said...

Hi Kristin

No I think that is her son. So there you go. She had her influence on him!


Alex Daw said...

Ooh Kristin - how did I do that? Silly me. Thanks for the tip.