Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fab Feb Photo Collage - Day 28

On the back of this photo is my Grandmother's writing - "My father and brother George, Grandfather standing and great grandfather with beard."

Great-grandfather - as in George Henry Charles Carrett 1 who was born 1834 and died 1912.

Grandfather as in George Henry Charles Carrett II born 1856 and died 1929.

Father as in George Henry Charles Carrett III born 1879 and died 1953.

Brother as in George Henry Charles Carrett IV born 1906 and died 1976.

My guess is the photo was taken c1907.  

The baby was born in November 1906 - a twin to his sister Daisy Minnie.

Once again this is a copy of a copy so I have no idea who has the original or who the photographer was although it is obviously a studio portrait.  

Gran had a tendency to burn things when people died.

My aunt also had a fire at her place in the 60s so we have lost things over the years.

The twins Daisy and George

This is the last photo in this series.

It's certainly been a challenge participating in this meme but the rewards have been tremendous.

I have learned so much, not only about my only family, but about my hobby.

What have I learned?

  1. Start scanning now!
  2. Don't stop scanning!
  3. Try to keep the photos in the albums they came from, so if there is no writing on the back you have some idea of which family album it came from.
  4. Scan at the highest resolution possible.
  5. Scan the back of the photo if relevant.
  6. Organise your photos into family groups/surname groups where possible
  7. Tag your photos if possible using a program like Picasa.
  8. Look closely at the photo for any clues e.g. clothing or photographic studio name
  9. Label your existing photos now - who, date, where, why or what.  You think you'll remember everyone later but maybe you won't or maybe you'll pass this mortal coil and your kids won't remember.
  10. Commit to a regular scanning meme (if not daily, then weekly) so that you Just Do It!
  11. Share the results of your research with relatives and other researchers. You'll be amazed at what stories are revealed and what ideas other researchers will give you. 

What have I achieved?

I've scanned at least 28 photos and probably more.

I've written nearly 10,000 words - wow!

I've increased my blog's followers by at least one if not two.

I think I've solved the identity of a mystery cousin photo and the real reason for the engraving on an heirloom ring I wear every day.

I discovered  new information - about the swimming prowess of my grandmother's siblings, that my great grandfather was Secretary of the Iron Cove Sailing Club, that the 113th Australian General Hospital is Concord Hospital and that PBS on a football probably stands for Patrician Brothers School.

I've ordered and received a death certificate and am waiting for a military service record.

I've identified the location of Wingfield's Cake Shop in Newcastle.

I've talked to my father and cousin in Sydney to confirm facts/hunches.

I have identified a new meme and excuse for travelling - The Sir John Sulman Medal for Design.

 I have also identified that spending time conducting a similar exercise on places/homes as inspired by the Finding Eliza blog would be good..

Where have I been (if only virtually)?

Abbotsford, Dulwich Hill, Enmore, Lidcombe and Watson's Bay, Sydney, Australia
Bathurst, NSW
Dubbo, NSW
Gundaroo, NSW
Leura, NSW
Newcastle, NSW
Orange, NSW
Yass, NSW

Mt Wellington,Tasmania

Hove, England
Portsea, England

Cumbenauld, Scotland


To Do List

Find school records for Orange and Bathurst
Find Post Office Directories or similar for Portsmouth 1880s
Order wedding certificate for Millie Carrett/Andrews
Find out who J. Burns is
Order Patrick McLoughlin death certificate for 1901
Research Riverview Rd Undercliffe
Find descendants of Alice Agnes Bourke
Obtain/Locate Emma Case death certificate
Contact McLoughlin cousins again

Books I'd recommend are:

Dating Family Photos 1850-1920 by Lenore Frost 
Digital Imaging Essentials - Techniques and Tips for Genealogists and Family Historians by Geoffrey D. Rasmussen (I bought an e-version here)

Websites I'd recommend are:

The National Archives of Australia has some great advice online here.

Library of Congress has a great resource online for personal archiving.  Don't forget those photos that you store on your phone...what happens to them when you upgrade your phone?  Or your computer?  And what about your blog?  How will you preserve that for future generations?  Did you propose to your beloved by text? How are you going to keep that for posterity?

Photographers of Great Britain and Ireland 1840-1940

Looking for inspiration or motivation?  Join the Sepia Saturday challenge or Sunday Scan Day group on Facebook.  

Is it all still too much trouble?

Ah - obviously you need a Flip Pal Scanner - read how easy it is to operate here.
PS - See, my mobile phone has already changed since I took this photo!!!!

What advice would you give to someone thinking of preserving their family history and or memorabilia?

Thanks again to Julie, Pauleen and Kristin for the fabulous inspiration this month. 


Kristin said...

To burn things when people died! How sad. That is a wonderful 4 generation photograph to have. My grandmother's fathers are both families I have no photos of.

I like your list of what happened during the challenge for you.

Aillin O'Brien said...

Congratulations Alex on completing the 28 days of the February Photo Collage challenge. What a great family photograph to end with. I really like how you have included what you've learned etc. May I borrow this idea for my blog for an assessment of the Family History Writing Challenge?

Alex Daw said...

Dear Kristin - Thank you. It is a great photo isn't it? I always think sepia photos allow you to really see the character in each face. We have taken multiple generation photos over the years but they never look as good. I think it is to do with the colouring, what people are wearing and the formality. I need to get everyone in suits and a studio - not very appealing I must say in the Queensland heat!

Alex Daw said...

Aillin - thank you and by all means please borrow the idea. I really admire your work/organisation etc so am rather chuffed that you should want to borrow anything of mine. If you could see my desk....aieeeeee....

John Carrett said...

That photo hangs in pride of place in a few homes I know of, I'm John Carrett the grandson of baby George. My father was also George Henry Charles and when I was born my father said No to another household with more than one George. Some lovely photos and information. My mother Noela has so much family history on the Carrett side.