Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fab Feb Photo Challenge - Day Nineteen

1912 Tom McLoughlin - Football Team  -
Tom is at the end of the back  row on the right

Family history is not complete without a football photo is it?

Even from 1912.

Not quite sure where this is taken - I suspect Bathurst.

Back of postcard

The back of the postcard reads in my mother's handwriting on the left

Circa 1912 
Tom 14 years 
Football Team 
Tom in sub junior

I'm not sure whose handwriting is on the right hand side - maybe my grandfather's.  

It says 

M McLoughlin 
4 Lamrock Terrace 
E Orange.

M McLoughlin could have been Tom's sister Margaret or his sister Mary or his mother Margaret.

Thomas, aka Tom, my maternal grandfather was born 7 July 1898 in William Street Bathurst.

I would love to know what Grandad's role was on the team.

He's wearing a suit and a tie.  And his boots are nicely polished.

Is he the manager?  A coach? A fan?

What do you think?

Was it Union or was it League?

What do Catholics play?

Union I suspect.

Now if I knew anything about football I could probably look at the shape of the ball and say "Oh yes that's blah blah"....

for what it's worth I think it has PBS III and possibly C written on the ball.

I am wondering if that stands for Patrician Brothers School.

Ben Chifley attended the Patrician Brothers School in Bathurst - a bit before my grandfather's time.  He also played football.

Things to do - see if there are school records for Orange and Bathurst. 

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