Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fab Feb Photo Collage Festival - Day Seventeen

James Vernon Cook

This is my 2nd great-grandfather James Vernon Cook, father of Eleanor Eliza Cook who married Edwin Conner. 

 At least that's what it says on the back of several copies of the photos that I have

It doesn't help that Eleanor's brother was called James and her father...and her grandfather....

So, I'm not sure when this was taken.  Let's say c1900.

His final rank was Chief Gunner or I think Lieutenant Commander in retirement.

Certainly if you look at this ad for a full dress uniform from Christie's it seems very similar. 

Here's another great photo of him courtesy of my cousin Geraldine in England.

According to Geraldine's photo of his grave, he died 25 January 1928 so I imagine this was taken a bit before then.  

What do you think he is standing next to?  Geraldine says it might be a dovecote.

I posted pictures of his funeral before here on my other blog.

According to the National Archives record of service he joined the Navy in 1862 or 1865 - it's a bit unclear.  It states his date of birth as 16 September 1847.  He is described as 5' 7" - at least I think it is a 7 - it could be a 1- dark hair and grey eyes.

He retired from the Navy in September 1902.  

I have a copy of his marriage certificate to Caroline Jefferies in Portsea from 25 October 1871.  On it his name is just James Cook.  I think the middle name Vernon may have come from one of the ships he served on over the years.

I don't have a good copy of his birth or baptismal certificate.  I do have copies of the  certificates courtesy of my cousin June in WA but they are too blurry for me to read. 

She transcribed the birth certificate for me as follows:

"thirteenth day of september 1847 12 Artillery Lane Bishopsgate ;name if any ;  James ; sex; boy ; name and surname of father ; James Cook ; name and surname of the mother Ann Cook formerly Moore ;; ocupation of father Tollcollector signature discription and residence; X the mark of James Cook father 12 Artillery Lane Bishopsgate ; when registered second  October 1847"

And the baptismal certificate as follows:

"April 16th 1848;        James son of -  Parents James Cook tollcollector and his wife Ann Cook ;      no 12-or 13 Artillery Lane;   St Boltoph Bishopsgate ;"
So no mention of that middle name Vernon - where on earth did I get that from?

Imagine being born in Artillery Lane - sort of sets you up to be a Gunner doesn't it?

 And it looks like if I wanted to do so I could stay there next time I visit London.

Thanks to Julie at Angler's Rest for the inspiration for today's post.


Ann O'Dyne said...

gosh I have had fun thanks to this post. I put St Botolph into image search, Chaucer is buried there and the vicar gets more $ than any other vicar in London. Artillery Lane used to be an artillery field, then St Botolph's survived the Great Fire and the area was rebuilt and would have been genteel when the Commander (oh god russell crowe!) lived there, very close to the docks must have impressed him as a child.
It's been rundown and has lots of Banksy art, but is now gentrified again. I ended up at this great blog, Spitalfields Life and the last image is an old map which shows how close his house was to the docks.
The blog mentions Thomas Cook the great tourist travel pioneer - a relative I wonder?
thanks again for the fun

Alex Daw said...

Fun? Fun? Ann O'Dyne you are Fun with a capital "F". What would I do without you? Honestly...I am off to have some fun for myself...thanks for all the hot tips! Russell Crowe - chortle chortle...Banksy??? Now my son might actually be interested in my family history....

Alex Daw said...

How about this post - it's magnificent!

Kristin said...

Thank you for this link. These are the best ghostly photos I've seen yet. Inspires me to figure out how to do something like.