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1953 Daisy Mildred Carrett nee Taylor

This is one of the very few photos (maybe two) that I have of my paternal great-grandmother i.e. my grandmother's mother - Daisy Mildred Taylor.

The photo was taken on the occasion of her 70th birthday.  

Once again the photo is a copy of a copy so I don't know who holds the original or if it even exists anymore.

I found another photo which helped identify it.

And this is what is written on the back of the photo in my grandmother's writing

 So the photo would have been taken in about May 1953. 

I do not know who the people are in the background of the first photo and I do apologise for any perceived breach of privacy or displaying the photo without their consent.

Daisy died ten years later.  

We have her death certificate.  She  died 3 January 1963 and was cremated.  Her remains are at Woronora Crematorium.  Rose Garden Number 3 apparently.  I was a only a baby really and probably living in Edinburgh by then so have no memory of her at all.

Her daughter Rene Harper was the informant on the certificate.  

Daisy was a widow.  Her husband had died about 10 years earlier. We need to get his death certificate I think.  

Daisy had seven children and was survived by five of them - Ethel, Daisy, George, Rene and Nora.  Millie died in 1948 and Ossie died in 1961.  

Poor Daisy's origins are a bit of a mystery.  On her death certificate it says "Unknown" to the name and surname of her father and mother.  It does say that she was born in Parramatta, NSW.  The certificate says she was 80 years old.  

Before she died, Daisy lived at 71 Ewart Street Dulwich Hill. 
When I look at the map I see that it was just across the Cook's river from my grandmother's place at Undercliff.

On the death certificate it says that she was married at the age of 18 to George Henry Charles Carrett, aged 23, at Enmore in 1902. 

We have their marriage certificate.  They were married 20 May at Christ Church Enmore which is now St Luke's Anglican Church I believe.  

Daisy was described as being 19 years old and a housemaid living at Stanmore.  

The mother of the bride's consent was obtained - Maryann Waters.  The father of the bride is described as "not known".  

Looking in Trove for results for Christ Church Enmore in 1902 I found an article in the social pages for a marriage on 31 May.  This made me realise that the 20 May was not a Saturday.  It was in fact a Tuesday which strikes me as an unusual day to get married.  So maybe things were done in a bit of a rush.  Millie was born in December of that year.  

I wonder how Daisy and George met.  

In my Trove searches I did find mention of George as Secretary of the newly formed Iron Cove Sailing Club in September 1900 as per here.  So his love of sailing was well and truly cemented it seems.  I don't think that the Iron Cove Sailing Club exists anymore.  There is a Dobroyd Aquatic Club but I don't know its history.  My father and I used to sail a Mirror around Drummoyne in the late 70s.  I didn't realise how long the connection went back!

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