Thursday, February 7, 2013


Gramps 2

This is one of those frustrating photos.

I have to assume that it is Edwin Conner again.

It was in my grandmother's album and photos of her father don't look like this.

I don't know where this photo was taken but I'm guessing maybe Melbourne or Sydney.

In my imagination he is building a vege patch.

But it could be the footings of a home too.

It looks like a new estate doesn't it?  And pine trees in the background? 

Recent correspondence with my father suggests maybe it is Sydney and when my grandparents were building their new home at Undercliffe.  They lived at 58 Riverview Road.

Edwin died in 1927 - his son Edwin Arthur James married my grandmother Ethel in 1924 so I'm thinking the photo dates from around then - let's say 1923 - 1925.

I guess I could research the history of the house and see if I could pinpoint the date more accurately that way.

Really clever people are able to look at photos and judge shadows and all sorts of things.  If it is taken at Undercliffe from the angle I think it is taken we would be looking back up to Wardell Road facing East as per this map.

What do you think? 


Kristin said...

I think there are a lot of photos out there without dates ;) I just came from Pauleen's post about her grandfather where she's guessing his age. I'm not too good at it unless I have other photos to make a sort of timeline. Especially when people are older. Good luck!

Julie @ Anglers Rest said...

This does look like the house/garden is in the process of being built and I think I would probably research that and hope that takes you full circle and gives you a clue as to who the photo is.

Peeboo said...

Riverview road looking back towards Wardel road? Otherwise it's looking back towards the golf course. Alex, I'm at Earlwood so can take a drive over to 58 and see if any of the BG houses still exist. The line of trees are interesting too.

Alex Daw said...

Oh Peeboo - you are kind. I drove past Undercliffe Road maybe six to eight years ago now - when I was down at the School for a meeting. 58 is up high on the hill so I doubt you will be able to get into the backyard or see it unless the property is vacant. So I guess driving around the streets behind it would be the only way. On the left side of the photo they look a wee bit like pine trees don't they?