Monday, December 22, 2014

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - 22 December - Christmas Homecoming

Thomas MacEntee of Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories says:

Families are often far apart at Christmas or have to make special efforts just to spend Christmas together. The Christmas Homecoming can take many forms, even a virtual one via Skype or a phone call. What are your memories of homecomings at Christmas? If you could have any one family member – present or past – come home for Christmas, who would it be and why?

Here's my lovely Mummy in our then "new" home.  She's holding Caspar, our son.  He was born on Christmas Eve and we moved house the same day.  My waters broke and the removal truck turned up shortly after.  My poor husband, daughter and parents had to do the move without my help.  

Caspar was concentrating on getting out of a different type of "house" and I was trying to help.  

We came home eventually a few days later and had a belated "Christmas" with family and friends. Having Christmas in hospital was quite fun.  Caspar was a caesar baby - just like Bel.  He was a bit late - 3 weeks I think from memory.  We were very pleased to see him when he eventually came out. Although I couldn't stop shaking - the effect of the anaesthetic. 

Our cat, Rambo, was moved too but he was very unsettled - mostly because I wasn't there I think.  He kept going home, looking for me, poor possum.  He wasn't there when I got home and when he didn't return for I think about ten days, I thought we'd lost him.  

And then I heard a meowing one day in the back yard.  He'd finally navigated his way back to the new home (God knows how - I still think it's a miracle) - Our reunion was a bit like Cathy and Heathcliff in the backyard. It was only a distance of 5 kilometres from the old place to the new but there was a freeway between the two.  Here he is, looking rather chuffed with himself and coming over to say hello.  Dear old thing.  He's long gone now.

We look forward to catching up with Caspar via Skype this Christmas as he improves his Japanese in Kyoto.  Miss you mate.

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Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

isn't Skype a great blessing for those whose families can't be together over Christmas?!

Alex Daw said...

Indeed Pauleen - technology is a wonderful thing.