Friday, December 12, 2014

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - 12 December - Christmas Cake

So what side of the tin are you on? Do you love fruitcake or despise it? Do you have a favorite recipe or favorite kind of fruitcake? If you are in the “no” column, do you politely refuse a gift of fruitcake or do you regift it or even recycle it as a door stop or food for the birds?
Many people are passionate about fruitcake and its role during Christmas time. Tell us all about your like or dislike of fruitcake and your memories of Christmases past.
When I married my husband, his best-man/friend's wife gave me her boiled fruit cake recipe.  Robert is rather partial to fruit cake and this was Pat's gift to me to ensure the continuity of our marriage ;)  As a young bride, I tried to mess with various recipes, but this one always comes out trumps, is easy to make and smells divine when it's cooking.  

Robert loves grocery shopping and happily goes to at least two supermarkets a day.  This year, for example, he bought an Aldi christmas cake.  Experience has taught us that Lions' christmas cakes are often the best. The trick is finding the outlet and getting to them before they've all sold out.

This morning's guilty pleasure however was friend Gina's delicious gingerbread man which was given out at our Bookclub's Xmas dinner on Wednesday night. Gina individually decorated each of them with our initials - such thoughtfulness and care.  Bless.  We shared stories of baking in Brisbane's stinking heat last Sunday.  I made biscuits for work.

The madness of trying to make dough in that heat and how we wanted to climb into the fridge with the dough while it was "spelling". 

Have I mentioned that I finally went back to the gym last week in anticipation of all the weight I will be putting on over the next couple of weeks?

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Sherie Curran said...

Growing up, our family's traditional Christmas cake was Darrell Lea's Nougat Christmas Pudding - we'd have one each.

Alex Daw said...

I think I have missed out on something - a deprived childhood.