Saturday, December 20, 2014

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - 20 December - Christmas Parties

Thomas MacEntee of Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories says:

Holiday parties, a neighborhood open house, buffets – all these take place in abundance during Christmastime. Do you throw a party each year or did your family throw parties around Christmas? Any special theme like Ugly Christmas Sweater or perhaps a gift wrapping or cookie decorating party?
Tell us about your best Christmas parties and your memories of Christmases past.

I don't remember our family hosting Christmas parties as such.  My father had work Christmas parties featuring Santa for the kids.  You can tell I was having a great time in this photo can't you?  Will I like the present Santa gives me? First world problems, I know, I know.

And then when I grew up, I got to attend my own work Christmas parties where you could dress up and be silly.  I remember walking all the way home from ABC Toowong studios to our house in Taringa dressed as a star and blinking all the way.  Robert was a pudding. Loani was a Christmas tree.

Early on. when we were renting at Carrington Street Rosalie, we used to go to the neighbours' next door for Christmas drinks. We were a household of rowdy "early 20 somethings" and they were very tolerant and patient retirees.  We used to enjoy going to their place for a drink and a laugh.  It's awful but I can't remember their names.  My sister-in-law will remember.  She was the responsible, grown-up member of the household.

Good neighbours are worth their weight in gold aren't they?

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