P is for Publications, Proof Readers, Publicity and Partnerships #AtoZchallenge



Welcome to Day 16 of the  #AtoZChallenge.  Don't know what the AtoZChallenge is? Find out more here.

My theme is about Family History Societies.  What they are, How they work, Who is in them, Why they exist.

And which ones begin with P !


Publications and Proof Readers

Publications have been the saving grace of my local family history society.  They are what makes us unique.  They are our intellectual property and a source of income for the future.  You need an army of people to identify material that would be of interest to family historians, to index it, to proof read and check the indexers work, to organize for it to published physically and or digitally and to promote it. What publication projects have you got in motion?



You're doing a great job but it's no good if no-one knows about it.  Are you taking lots of photos at events (with people's permission of course).  Have you a marketing/publicity plan that works across all platforms and media points?  Do you know your local paper's deadlines for content?



It's impossible to have everything or all that we need or want.  Perhaps your Society doesn't have all that whizz bang technology that you need to do hybrid events now; Zoom for some and face to face for others.  But maybe the school or the library down the road would be willing to share their gear in exchange for your expertise or some talks on a specialist subject.
Maybe you don't have premises big enough to host large meetings.  Again, what about the local school or church?
Think about what potential partnerships might exist in your local community. 

Thanks for coming by today.  Please give any feedback or suggestions on what you think a Society needs beginning with P in order for it to ...


crgalvin said…
P for Phew! So much to do...working on getting our photographs indexed too. P for Photographs in the AJCP
Alex Daw said…
There is a lot of work to do isn't there Carmel? Which is why we need to be patient with ourselves. Rome wasn't built in a day and all that but perseverance is essential :)
So many societies have done wonderful indexing publications that have been “leased” by the genealogy giants. I suspect most people don’t have a clue they were done by “ordinary” members. And then there are the specialist publications like the Toowoomba Society’s collation of stories about graves in the local cemetery. Good tips about partnerships.
Jennifer Jones said…
As a mere researcher, I have a huge respect for societies and their volunteer members. I usually try to purchase their publications which are in my areas interest. Usually this, and a membership is how I show my support and thanks
Professionals who listen patiently to the needs of the populace and put into practice plans to benefit all will preserve a society to live long and prosper. (Probably.)
Molly's Canopy said…
Yes, publications and proofreaders. I did an article about land records for a gen society magazine, and thank goodness for the editor and proofreaders and designer, who made sure my lowly word document looked spectacular in the end. https://mollyscanopy.com/2021/04/p-is-for-peg-my-mulitasking-mom-atozchallenge/#comments
GeniAus said…
Lofty ideals for a small Group like hours. I am concentrating on Publicity in the local community and Partnerships with the local library service and counil.

Hopefully these will lead to more members and a team of volunteers who can take on Indexing Projects and Publishing.
Alex Daw said…
Dear Pauleen, Jennifer, Gail, Molly and Jill - can you tell I've been furiously writing posts rather than acknowledging your lovely thoughtful comments. Sorry for getting behind in my duties and thank you for being more organised than me.

Pauleen - yes I suspect you are correct. Many of QFHS indexes are on FindMyPast. Of course they are acknowledged as sources and we derive income from them, but in the thrill of the chase, yes, I wonder how many people do actually understand that it is volunteers who have created these.

Jennifer - likewise. Buying such publications is the least we can do.

Gail - you are very proficient in putting together a panoply of philosophical proverbs.

Molly - I have such an admiration for those who can make something look great. Like you, I can write the words and do the research but as to making it look good ? Barp.

Jill - I reckon you are on the money with Publicity and Partnerships. They are the most important thing, particularly when people and cash are in short supply.

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