#AtoZChallenge - G is for Google, Gateways, GRDs and Gibson Guides

I won't pretend I don't love Google. I must use it a dozen times a day...at least..and then some.  

But are you using it properly and is there more to the web than google?  Wanna brush up on your internet searching skills? Here are some online lessons. Or here. Or here. Or here. See if your public library membership card allows you acess to courses on Lynda as well. If it does there's another course here.

If you want to take your searching the web to the next level I can recommend you read Maureen Henninger's The Hidden Web. She'll introduce you to directories, portals, vortals and gateways.  Well worth reading.

Other books to guide you on the internet are:

The Genealogist's Internet by Peter Christian ...

Media of The Genealogist's Internet

and Cora Num's three guides Internet Family History, Irish Research on the Internet and eRecords for Family History. 

I have to confess that I still have GRDs or Genealogical Research Directories still on my shelves although they can now be searched electronically on CD too.

And I still refer to my Gibson Guides as they are often called because they are written by Jeremy Gibson.  Published by the Federation of Family History Societies here are some of the titles in my collection:

Marriage, Census and other Indexes for Family Historians
Record Offices: How to find them
Lists of Londoners
Quarter Sessions Records for Family Historians: A Select List

You can see more titles on the Internet Genealogical Bookshop.


Ann Bennett said…
I need to bookmark this post. You can never know enough about searching the internet.
Alex Daw said…
Thank you Ann for your kind comment. Yes - it's certainly vast isn't it and it would be nice to think we could navigate it effectively.
Endlessly amazed at what the Internet offers. Answers to every question...like the Magic 8 Ball, only better! Wonderful post, which I will also be bookmarking.
Kristin said…
If I found any more ways to search, I would probably never sleep as I'd be searching all the time! Once April is over, I may try some any way. Live dangerously is my motto (NOT!)

When the internet was being introduced I can remember at college how we were taught to use various search engines and search strategies and then compare the results, I was always amazed at how different the results were. But over time I have got lazy, perhaps it's time to review my current strategy. It's a pity the book "The Hidden Web" is so expensive, might have to go down to the library to see if they have a copy

G is for Getting employment as a new arrival

Sandra, Aspiring family historian, fellow participant in the #AtoZchallenge

Sandra's Ancestral Research Journal
Girl Who Reads said…
I love learning about things so Google is my best friend. I'll be watching a tv show or reading a book and something will be mentioned that I'm not really familiar with and off I go chasing that rabbit. So I'm not sure if I should learn more about internet searching. I might find myself down a rabbit hole and never returning! Donna from Girl Who Reads
Deepa said…
Wow, super informative. Thanks for sharing
Anonymous said…
I need to check out some of these links. I have a love/hate relationship with Google. It is often too big for my needs :)

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