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#A-ZReadingChallenge - B is for Bibliographies and Biographies

Bibliographies aren't just for University assignments you know.  They are actually quite useful constructs.  Do you check the Bibliography at the back of any reference or non-fiction or fact books you read?  It's probably not a bad might find even more interesting books to consult.

I have a couple of Bibliographies in my collection.  I could do with a few more. But I have run out of Bookcases!!!

How do we find bibliographies?  Well - you could try just punching in "bibliography" into the search box of the QFHS catalogue or your local public library catalogue...maybe choose Subject: Bibliography and see how you go with a bigger collection. In the QFHS catalogue that search produced 123 results. In the MBR catalogue it produced 79 results but of course not many of them were about genealogy/family history and in the Brisbane City Council catalogue it produced 170 results - again not all of them about genealogy.

I have compiled a list from these sources.  It is by no means comprehensive but rather indicative.  These are the ones I think are worth having a look at or adding to your collection or just even being aware  of the kinds of things that are out there. I have highlighted the ones I have in my own collection.

Author Title Year
Albion, Robert Greenhalgh Naval and Maritime History 1973
Archives Authority of New South Wales Surveyor Genearl select list of maps and plans 1792-1886 1984
Austin, Ronald J. AIF unit histories of the Great War of 1914-1918 2011
Box, Allan A soldier in the family: a source book for Australian military genealogy, the First Fleet to the Gulf War 1994
Brandow, James C. Genealogies of Barbados Families from Caribbeana and The Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society  1999
Burkhardt, G.A. Australian school centenary and jubilee histories: a select bibliography 1995
Caruana, Mark Oral history: a practical guide based on Maltese migration and settlement in Australia (including an updated catalogue of collections) 1996
Cox, Jane Tracing your ancestors in the Public Records Office 1983
Crittenden, Victor A Bibliography of the First Fleet 1982
David, Bruno The social archaeology of Australian Indigenous societies 2006
Donohue, James Hugh The bibliography of the convict transports 1988
Ferguson, Joan PS Scottish family histories 1986
Ford, Roger Indigenous peoples of southeast Queensland: an annotated guide to ethno-historical sources 1998
French, Maurice A bibliography for the history of the Darling Downs and adjacent regions 1979
Frost, Lenore Searching for Mary Ann: Researching Women Ancestors in Australia 1994
Gervasoni, Clare Research directory & bibliography of Swiss and Italian pioneers in Australasia 1998; covering family names, towns of origin, ships compiled by Clare Gervasoni 1998
Harrison, Jennifer Guide to the microform collection of the State Library of Queensland 1990
Henderson, Alistair Scottish family history resources in Queensalnd 1988
Holding, Norman The location of the British Army Records, 1914-1918 1999
Humphery-Smith, Cecil A genealogists's bibliography 1985
Jenner, Margaret Directory of Queensland local histories  1988
Johnston, W. Ross General histories of Queensland for family and local historians 1989
Johnston, W. Ross A guide to the history of Queensland: a bibliographic survey of selected resources in Queensland history 1985
Johnston, W.Ross Managing the land: index to the Lands Department papers, Queensland Votes and proceedings, 1880-99 1992
Larkin, David Irish history and genealogy: historical manuscripts and printed works, a catalogue 2009
Longhurst, Robert The value of photographic sources to family historians 1989
Lucas, Rodney Resources for Aboriginal family history 1986
MacLysaght, Edward Bibliography of Irish Family History Co, Dublin 1982
Macpherson, Paul Bibliographies of military history: an annotated bibliography of those held in the Printed Records collection 1987
Marker, I J Surname periodicals: a world-wide listing of one-name genealogical publications 1987
Mitchell, Brian A Guide to Irish Parish Registers 1988
National Library of Australia Genealogy and Heraldry in the National Library of Australia 1988
National Library of Australia Principal manuscript collections in the National Library of Australia 1978
National Library of Australia Australian Historic records register 1989
Nicholson, Ian Hawkins Log of logs : a catalogue of logs, journals, shipboard diaries, letters and all forms of voyage narratives for Australia and New Zealand and surrounding oceans : vol 1 : 1788-1988 1991
Nicholson, Ian Hawkins Log of logs. Volume two: a catalogue of logs, journals, shipboard diaries, letters, and all forms of voyage narratives, 1788 to 1993, for Australian and New Zealand and surrounding oceans 1993
Nicholson, Ian Hawkins Log of logs. Volume three: a catalogue of logs, journals, shipboard diaries, letters, and all forms of voyage narratives, 1788 to 1993, for Australian and New Zealand and surrounding oceans 1999
Norton, Jane E Guide to the national and provincial directories of England and Wales, excluding London published before 1856 1984
Num, Cora Occupational Records in Australia 2003
Num, Cora Convict records in Australia 2007
Num, Cora How did they get here?: arrivals after 1924 2012
Num, Cora Shipping and migration: research on the internet 2012
Parker, David The national guide to Australian Baptist historical resources 1998
Parr, Martin The photobook. Volume 1: a history 2004
Peake, Andrew Guy Bibliography of Australian Family History 1988
Qld State Archives and the Dept. of Family Services and Aboriginal and Islander Affairs Records guide: a guide to Queensland government records relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 1994
Queensland State Archives Guide to the records of the Colonial Secretary's Office 1859-1896 1976
Peake, Andrew Guy Bibliography of Australian Family History 1988
Radford, Ken Cemetery & parish register holdings 1993
Raymond, Stuart British genealogical books in print 1999
Raymond, Stuart Devon: a genealogical bibliography, volume 1 1994
Reid, Ralph Australian family histories: a bibliography and index 2004
Rodger, N.A.M. Naval records for genealogists 1998
Ryan, James Irish Records: sources for family & local history 1988
Smee, C.J. The pioneer register. Volume IV: containing genealogical details of five hundred pioneers, their children & granchildren 1992
Smee, C.J. The pioneer register. Volume XXIX: containing genealogical details of five hundred pioneers, their children & granchildren
Smee, C.J. The pioneer register. Volume XXVIII: containing genealogical details of five hundred pioneers, their children & granchildren
Torrance, D Richard Scottish trades, professions, vital records & directories: a selected bibliography 1998
Vine Hall, N.J. Tracing your family history in Australia: a bibliography 2002
Vine Hall, N.J. Parish registers in Australia 1787-1990: a list of originals, transcripts, microforms, & indexes of Australian parish registers 2005
Webber, Kimberley Gold Fever 2001
Webster, Judy Specialist indexes in Australia: a genealogist’s guide 2006
White, Arthur S A bibliography of regimental histories of the British Army 1992
Whyte, Donald The Scots overseas: a selected bibliography 1995
Zerner, Margaret Australian studies, University of Queensland: a select guide to resources 1981

Has this list whetted your appetite?  What do you think is missing? I'm happy for suggestions.

In terms of biographies, I thought I would just mention that I have Notorious Strumpets and Dangerous Gils: Convict Women in Van Diemen's Land 1803-1829 by Phillip Tardif.  This was a lucky find at a second-hand sale.  I also purchased new from the QFHS Queensland Founding Families: Biographies of families living in Queensland prior to separation from New South Wales Volumes 1 & 2.  I could not resist purchasing Helene Cronin's Buderim's Great War Effort 1914-1918...and its Living War Memorial the year before last.  It was a beautiful production and whilst I have no ancestors (to my knowledge) in any of these books, I just like to have them on my shelf as examples of interesting ways to assemble biographies.

A book that I would recommend to all who are researching in this area is The File: a personal history by Timothy Garton Ash.  I don't have a copy but it is one of those must reads.  You can read my review here. Another book I would love to own and read properly one day is Patchwork Prisoners: the Rajah Quilt and the women who made it by Trudy Cowley.  I also have Tom Petrie's Reminiscences of Early Queensland by Constance Campbell Petrie.  Has anyone read that?  Is it worth reading?


Anne Young said…
I have quite a few of those in my collection. I think my favourite of all is "Log of Logs" - a great resource for finding details about ships that brought our ancestors to Australia - it would be very hard to track down some of those diaries and logs without these books.


B is for Borneo

What an interesting list you've compiled. It's given me ideas. Well done.
Bob Scotney said…
Alex - good to see you here. A Thomas Scotney was a convict sent to Van Deimans Land so I could have done with access to some of these biographies/bibliographies before I wrote about him on Sepia Saturday some time ago.

B for Burgkley House at
I always check the bibliography. I've discovered some very enlightening books and collections that way.
Pat Holloway said…
You've amassed a great amount of valuable resources! I enjoy historical fiction, these would add so much factual history for anyone who is writing in that genre.

Beth Lapin said…
I love the way genealogy and history can take you on a virtual trip!

Beth Lapin
GeniAus said…
I'm wondering why there seem to be fewer bibliographies published in recent years in your list. Are they becoming passe because people are using online catalogues to compile their own lists?

Jill - Blogging the #AtoZChallenge at -
Alex Daw said…
Dear Jill - I was wondering the same thing. I guess so but even so it would be nicer to share yes?

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