Friday, April 7, 2017

#AtoZChallenge - F is for Family Search, Finding Aids, FAQs, FFHS and Free Sites

It's Friday and very appropriately the letter of the day is "F".

This won't be the last time I bang on about Family Search.

But really - you should check it out.  And I guess I'm really talking about the Wiki and the catalogue and the books.

Maybe you want to print out and read Finding Aids or Fact Sheets from various Archives.

Australian War Memorial Finding Aids are here.

AIATSIS Finding Aids are here.

NAA Fact sheets for Family HIstory are here.

SLQ's website is fantastic too with lots of guides to help you along the way and here are some FAQs. NLA's FAQs are here.

Federation of Family History Society publishes books.  You can find out about them here. They also have a fantastic link on their site to free websites.  

What is your favourite thing beginning with F in a library devoted to genealogy?


Molly of Molly's Canopy said...

I second your recommendation of Family Search. The wiki is invaluable and so are the "known issues" pages that accompany each collection. Definitely worth reading! I was about to give up on finding some land records until I read on the issues page that the ones I wanted (and found!) were on the adjacent county's page.

crgalvin said...

F for the friendly faces of helpful librarians like you. Love the free guides for family history so many libraries offer too.