#NFHM2017 Blogging Challenge - Week 3 - All the Rivers Run

It's Week 3 of the #NFHM2017 Blogging Challenge. How are we all going?  I suspect we are all very busy because there is so much on at the moment.  I know I am finding it difficult to find the time to write on my blog.  Working full time, participating in my local family history society events, studying another unit in the great UTAS Family History course, organizing a 40th school reunion for next year, celebrating birthdays for various family members...there's always so much to do.  And yet, every blog post I write, I learn something new or add a bit more to the family tree.

This week our meme comes from Nancy Cato's saga All the Rivers Run.  It spanned eight decades and four generations.  Your blog post doesn't have to do that but was there a matriarch in your family that inspires you?  Or maybe you want to focus on a particular river that played a part in your ancestors' lives.  Where will your imagination run to?

We can't wait to find out.  Remember - you don't have to be an Aussie to participate.  We welcome all nationalities/citizens of the world - even Aussie politicians....that's an insider joke if you haven't been following Australian politics lately.  

Don't forget to link your particular post using the Mr Linky widget below so we can find all the stories in one place.


Anne Young said…
Recycling again. My husband looks back very fondly on his time working on the Snowy during university holidays.
Crissouli said…
Now just week 4 to go...
Kerryn Taylor said…
My family history River
Kerryn Taylor said…
A river in my family history
No idea why I'm messing up the linky but here is my post

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