Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ancestral Places Geneameme #NFHM

The lovely Alona Tester from Lonetester HQ has thrown out the challenge to see how many letters of the alphabet you can assign to an ancestor's place of work or home; not necessarily where they work born but where they lived or worked.


Arncliffe, Sydney - where Kate Amelia Ellis died.
Arana Hills - where I work
Aranda - the suburb I grew up in Canberra or 
Avondale - the name of our house in Glebe, Sydney where I finished school and went to Uni.


Bannockburn, Scotland for the Forfars who cause me no end of trubble. 
Bathurst, NSW  - the birthplace of my maternal grandfather (McLoughlin). 
Barbados for my husband's family (Donovan/Proverbs). 
Bishopsgate, London, England where the Cooks lived in the 1860s. 
Bondi, Sydney for my grandmother in her later years and where both sets of my grandparents were married.(McLoughlin) and Conner 
Bourke, NSW - where John McLoughlin and Margaret Taylor were married.
Bowenfells, NSW - where John McLoughlin was born.
Bradninch, Devon, England where the Daws come from. 
Brixton (Carretts) and 
Bustard Head, Queensland where Harriet Conner worked as a teacher. 


Camperdown where the Stores lived in the 1860s.
Canada where one of the Forfar brothers lived. 
Campbell - the first suburb we lived in when we moved to Canberra
Canberra (did I mention I grew up there?)
Carnarvonshire. Wales - where my ancestor Margaret Jones the convict came from.
Chapel Hill - where we live now.
Cork, Ireland where my Flannagans are from


Deptford, England - where Edward Connor and Rebecca Foyne married.
Dubbo, NSW - where many of the Carretts lived. 
Dulwich Hill - where Daisy Carrett (nee Taylor) died.


Earlwood, Sydney - where the Parkes and Nobbs settled and eventually the Conners. Eastbourne, Sussex, England - where the Hollingham and Forfar families lived.
Enmore - where Daisy Taylor and George Henry Carrett III were married.


Five Dock, Sydney - where the McLoughlins lived after Orange.


Garden Island, Sydney - where my paternal great-grandfather worked - Edwin Conner. Gilston - where my husband's ancestors lived - Hinde and Duncan. Gundaroo - the Case family in the 1860s.
Gundaroo, NSW  - where Margaret Taylor was born.


Halesowen, Worcester - where my ancestor John Parkes came from.
Hobart, Tasmania - where the Forfars lived for a while. 
Hong Kong - where my great-grandfather Edwin Conner was stationed for the 1911 census in the Navy on board the Waterwitch.
Hurstville, Sydney - where I was christened and where the Ellises lived.


Inverary, Argyllshire - where the Sinclairs and Birrells come from.


Jamaica - where my ancestor James Cook was stationed on the Magicienne in 1894


Katoomba, NSW - where we spent many happy family holidays in my childhood and where my mother was evacuated during WWII. My 2nd great-grandmother Isabella Ellis also had a property there as per her probate.


Lidcombe in Sydney - where my grandfather Tom McLoughlin worked during WWII at the De Havilland factory testing engines.


Malta - where my 2nd great-grandfather served in the Navy and where my great-uncle was born - Edward G Conner.
Manchester, England - where my ancestor Margaret Southern came from.


Newtown, Sydney - where Sarah Stores was born and lived and where my maternal grandmother was born, Helen Kate (Kit) Forfar.


Olney, Buckinghamshire - where my husband's ancestors the Lords and the Hindes come from.
Orange, NSW - where my grandfather went to school and where some of his siblings were born (McLoughlin)


Parsley Bay in Sydney - where my grandmother grew up (Carrett). 
Portsea and Portsmouth, Hampshire, England  - where my Conner ancestors lived for many years.


Queensland, Australia.  My home and those of my great-aunts - Harriet and Clara Conner.


Randwick Destitute Asylum - where the Forfar children lived after their mother died.
Readville, Queensland - where Harriet Conner taught.  


Southport, Queensland - where the Daws lived.  
Surry Hills - where Sarah Stores and George Henry Carrett II were married.  
Swineshead, Lincolnshire - where my ancestor George Ellis was born.


Taemas, NSW - the property on which Samuel and Margaret Taylor lived
Taringa - where we bought our first home.
Tingalpa in Brisbane - where Thomas and Mary Bray Daw are buried with their children and where Edward Daw had his dairy farm.
Toowong - where I used to work at the ABC

Flinders Road Undercliffe where Ethel Conner nee Carrett was born 1904
"The house where I was born 1904 Flinders Rd Undercliffe" Ethel Conner (nee Carrett)


Undercliffe in Sydney - where the Carretts and Conners lived.


Vaucluse in Sydney - where my great-aunt and uncle the Morrisons lived and where I went to school when I was 4 years old.


Walloon, Queensland - where my husband's ancestors the Grieves lived.
Williamstown - where the Conners first lived in Melbourne when they came to Australia. 


Xiānggǎng - see H for Hong Kong.  


Yass, NSW - the closest town to where Margaret and Samuel Taylor lived.
Yorkshire - where Harriet and Clara Conner taught and where Clara was married to William Smith.


barp - fail.


Charlotte Sale said...

James Cook? THE James Cook your ancestor???
and I see you could be joining us at the Welsh special interest group, with an ancestor Margaret Jones!

Alex Daw said...

Dear Charlotte - My grandmother used to say "James Cook" all the time to me with a very meaningful look but it used to go straight over my head. No, not THE James Cook but he was in the Navy...probably a pretty common name when you think about it. And yes I really am determined to come to a Welsh SIG Meeting one day as I am keen to explore the possibility of a connection with THE David Jones. Of dept store fame - not Monkees fame.

Crissouli said...

I have included your blog in INTERESTING BLOGS in FRIDAY FOSSICKING at

Thank you, Chris

diane b said...

You did very well. You sure have lived and worked in many different places.

Alex Daw said...

Ooh Chris - that is very kind of you indeed. I always get a thrill when you do that. Thank you.

Alex Daw said...

Dear Diane - I suppose I have but it doesn't feel that way. I am a bit frustrated that I couldn't get the X or the Z!

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

If we had DNA match we'd know to look at Inveraray.