#NFHM Blogging Challenge - Week 2 - Careful He Might Hear You

Sumner Locke Elliott wrote a haunting tale about PS and his aunts, custody battles and secrets called Careful He Might Hear You.  

It's Week 2 of the National Family History Month blogging challenge and we challenge you to write about an aspect of your family history that caused your ancestors to whisper.

The film adaptation of the book was shot in the more salubrious Sydney suburbs of Darling Point and Neutral Bay than last week's meme set in Surry Hills.  

Perhaps there a story about childhood you want to tell (from memory PS was only about 8 years old) or the Depression (the era in which the story is set).

We can't wait to see what posts it inspires. Don't forget to link your story below using the Linky widget so we can find all the posts at a glance. And remember, we love stories from all over the world.  You don't have to be an Aussie to participate.  We just want you to blog.


Crissouli said…
Published a little early for Tuesday..
Alex Daw said…
Hoorah! Well done you Chris.
My week 2 is about the orphaned Kunkel children.

Mr Linky doesn't love me today :(
Alex Daw said…
Yes he does, he just takes a while I think. I suffered the same issues yesterday.
Anne Young said…
Again, recycling a post. My husband's paternal grandfather's mother died as he was being born and he was brought up by his aunt. I know from postcards he went to stay with another aunt too.
I saw the fil "Careful He Might Hear You" recently on iView. I had seen it when it first came out too. I hadn't realised how autobiographical it was. When it first came out we didn't have the internet to check such facts. I remembered though how real the emotions felt with the tug of war between the sisters and the cruelty of the children.

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