Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sepia Saturday 356: 25 February 2017

Bayfront Painting Class 1945 : Florida Memory (Flickr Commons)

This is the photo prompt for Sepia Saturday this week.

It reminds me a bit of this photo...which was taken by the water at a regatta - showing happiness with get the picture.  My mother is the one in the middle with the Alice band on her head drinking some lemonade, I'm guessing.

 I've blogged about this photo before won't say anymore about it today.  

No-one is painting in the picture sadly, although my mother was and my father is a competent artist.

Here is a photo of my father when he was a young whipper snapper in the Public Works Department I think.

It's the only photo I could find of either of them even thinking about drawing...  

So I have little to show for this week's prompt I'm afraid...but here are some scans of my mother's drawings to give you an idea of her work.

Alex by Barbara Conner

My mother did quite a few drawings of me which I won't bore you with - I suspect they are rather is one she did of my friend Judith

Judith by Barbara Conner

Here is one she did of my paternal grandmother....

Ethel by Barbara Conner

My mother was taught to draw by her father, Tom McLoughlin, who was very exacting apparently.  I still have school exercise books with beautifully drawn maps (yes - hoarder) 

She went on to do Dress Design at East Sydney Tech but didn't finish, I think to everyone's great is an example of her work.

Dress design by Barbara Conner

She was never happy with her work, I don't think.  She loved photography too but became frustrated as she got older and couldn't keep a steady hand or see properly through the lens.  I have joined her in that frustration.

Okay - one last one....

Painting of Alex by Barbara Conner

For more painting groups or groups by the water click here.


Kerryn Taylor said...

The group looks rather precariously perched on that bank, I wonder if it is just the angle the photo was taken?

Your mum was certainly a talented artist Alex. Lovely drawings.

Alex Daw said...

Thanks Kerryn. I like to think so. She always amazed me with whatever she did. And yes, the bank does look rather perilous doesn't it?

ScotSue said...

What a wonderful match to this week's prompt. As someone who has no drawing ability whatsoever, I am full of admiration for artists who can create likenesses . I enjoyed seeing your mother's portraits - my favourite that of your grandmother with the lovely secret smile.

La Nightingail said...

I really like that first photo of the friends on the sloping group above the water. It reminds me of such gatherings with my friends when we were all so much younger. And I think the steep sloping angle is shown as it is. If you look at the right up-hand corner, you can see the level line of the bank on the other side of the water. Your Mom was quite talented. The last painting you shared that she did of you in color is particularly lovely.

Little Nell said...

I do admire Barbara’s drawings, and I bet that last one of you is treasured. The Picnickers are grouped very much as though they themelves are the subjects of a painting too.

Jo Featherston said...

I agree, your mother's drawings and painting are perfectly lovely, particularly the two ones of you.