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NFHM Blogging Challenge - Week 2

Week 2 - Sunday 14 August

August is National Family History Month in Australia and Australian Family and Local History bloggers thought it would be a great idea to have a - Blogging Challenge!  Everyone is welcome to join in, even if you don't live in Australia, we'd love to hear from you and hear your stories.

Blogger Anne Young reminds us that 16 August 1891 was the date the Shearers' Strike Monument was dedicated. This week why don't you honour your working ancestors and the challenges they faced in their occupations?

Whether they were a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker or something more exotic, tell us about their working conditions and what you have learned about them.  Did they have a guild?  Did they have to wear special clothes or a uniform?  What hours did they work?  

Share your stories with us on or around Sunday 14 August and link them using the Mr Linky widget below so we have one central place to read all the stories on this theme.


Hi Alex,
This Challenge has helped me to look at my research data differently. I had never really considered looking at my ancestors work life as being separate for their life, however by doing so I think I've learned more about my man that I realised I had at my fingertips.
Thanks for all your work.
Alex Daw said…
Dear Sandra - I'm so pleased that the blogging challenge has helped you go further in your research. It's always good just to push yourself that bit further or to re-look at what you have done. You always see new things I think.
Well, I posted Week 2 before Sunday evening! I cannot tell whether your suggested prompts encourage an extended response or my style has altered during my hiatus, but these are longest posts (and mosr reflective) I have ever written. we shall see where week 3 leads.
Alex Daw said…
Hi Bob - I used to think longer posts were not quite kosher but I actually think they are better - more considered, more context which must all be to the good. I'm so glad that you are still participating in the challenge.
Crissouli said…
Writing this has been a chance to enjoy some of my Dad's stories all over I was writing about one thing, I was recalling others. So much more to record as yet...
TravelGenee said…
Finally posted late on Sunday. Had an educational and great time reading about Cornish Miners. I will try to not be so late next time but not holding my breath. Love the "rush" at the deadline!
Alex Daw said…
Ah yes Fran...nothing like a deadline to get me motivated! Chris I am so pleased that this exercise has allowed you to revisit your Dad's stories again.
Shauna Hicks said…
Hi Alex Week 2 was a bit late but now finished and entered into Mr Linky

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