Thursday, August 11, 2016

At last!

I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to go to Winnipeg myself and get Edward Forfar's Marriage Certificate in person.  As some of you may remember, in early May on this post I was rather chuffed to have discovered a record of Edward Forfar's marriage.  I duly sent off my credit card details and the charge was processed 23 May.  Having no reply after a few weeks,  I emailed the Archives at the end of June and was told it would take 8-10 weeks to process the request. More like 12 weeks I think.  So, if you are ordering anything from the Province of Manitoba be prepared to be patient.

Here's the envelope - see I scored three great stamps of otters, I think, which I hope to be seeing in animal (as opposed to person) in the not too distant future.

And here's a glimpse of the certificate

So here's what was on the certificate:


Full name Forfar Edward
Occupation or profession: Provincial Police
Bachelor, Widower or Divorced         Bachelor
Age 41 Religious Denomination Presbyterian
Residence Hudson's Hope, B.C.
Place of Birth Perth, Scotland
Name of father: George Robert Forfar
Occupation of father: Civil Engineer
Place of birth of father: Stirling, Scotland
Maiden name of mother: Emily Hollingham
Can bridegroom read? Yes Can bridegroom write? Yes


Full name: Kinniburgh Mary
Occupation or profession: Clerk
Spinster, Widow or Divorced: Spinster
Age 22 Religious Denomination: Presbyterian
Residence: 22 Agnes Street, Winnipeg, Man.
Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland
Name of father: James Kinniburgh
Occupation of father: Engineer (deceased)
Place of birth of father: Kirkintilloch, Scotland
Maiden name of mother: Marion Hendry
Can bride read: Yes Can bride write: Yes
When Married 10th October 1921
Place of marriage Knox Church, Winnipeg, Man.
By license or banns: M.L. No. 7 38561

Then there are the signatures of the bride and groom and a witness James Kinniburgh of 424 Agnes Street Winnipeg, Man. and Janet Kue (?) of 50 Kate Street Winnipeg, Man. and the clergyman R.S. Laidlaw of Suite 6, 21 Hargrave Stree Winnnipeg, Man. 

My first Canadian certificate.  

Lots of good information there. 

The weird thing though is that I am pretty sure that Edward was born in Leamington rather than Perth but I am happy to be proved wrong.  This bears further investigation.  

I am also fascinated that George is a civil engineer.  I had only ever known him as a shop keeper so he must have changed profession. I wonder where I go to look up records of civil engineers.  Does anyone out there know?  All suggestions gratefully accepted.

Well that's enough for one day....let's dance the gene-dance....


Crissouli said...

What a wonderful lot of information that certificate contains... glad it arrived so 'promptly'...

Genie Jen said...

Enjoy your dance. Great to get so much info on a certificate.

diane b said...

That must be exciting for you. Information always leads to something else to look up or track down.

Alex Daw said...

Thank you Chris, Jen and Diane for visiting the blog. It was really interesting to see what questions were asked on the certificate especially the literacy ones.

C Ben said...

Hi Alex
Register of UK Civil Engineers Archive service:

Our archives contain records dating back to our formation. If you've got a question or would like to arrange a visit, please contact our Archivist:

t: +44 (0)207 665 2043

Not clear if historical membership records are available.
The library is shut until sometime in September but if a visit is needed let me know.

C Ben said...

Hi Alex
UK Register of Civil Engineers is on Ancestry - However no Forfars at all.