Game On !


Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog post for National Family History month in the land downunder. It is so lovely that so many fellow geneabloggers want to take part in this challenge.  I can't wait to see what we all come up with.

Well, as some predicted, we in Brisvegas are now in a snap lockdown or slap knockdown as one very tired journalist reported the other day, much to our amusement.  Of course it's frustrating.  I was hoping to have a celebratory champers with my sister-in-law tomorrow to celebrate the end of Dry July.  But I am well aware that we have been pretty lucky in the Sunshine State so far.  I have been able to spend lots of time with my new grandson which I know is way more than many other grandparents have been able to do over the past 18 months or so, so I mustn't grumble.  We have plenty of food and I have plenty of family history to do and online bridge to play so I am quite chuffed to be able to get on with it.

I know many of you are watching the Olympics.  I'm ashamed to say I haven't watched any so far but have been delighted to hear of our success in golf, swimming, soccer and other sports. Keeping the "Games" theme alive, I thought we might enjoy playing some Bingo and or doing a kind of a scavenger hunt or Quiz.

Here's your Bingo card for the month.


And here's a Quiz to test your knowledge of family  history research in Australia with a slight Queensland bias ;)


  1. What was Ipswich in Queensland called by white settlers before it was officially named Ipswich in 1843?   You might like to check out Ipswich Libraries Local & Family History collection while you're here.
  2. Who was the first Lady Principal of Brisbane Girls Grammar? And for a bonus point who recently wrote a history about her?
  3. What do the following acronyms stand for?  AJCP? AWM? HAGSOC?
  4. What night of the week is #ANZAncestryTime hosted on Twitter?
  5. Who is the editor of Traces Magazine?
  6. Using the Moreton Bay Library History and Heritage section, find the Honour Roll for Mt Mee and tell me what is the 3rd name down on the roll.
  7.  What was the name of the quarantine station which operated in Sydney from 1832 - 1984?
  8. In what state of Australia is Bunbury Cemetery located?
  9. What year was gold discovered in Ophir and what is the nearest largest town?
  10.  Using the Queensland Family History Society's online resources, search the Person's called before Queensland Government Committees and tell me the occupation of William DUNCAN.
  11.  Using the QFHS databases again, this time search the Railway Appointments and tell me how much Porter CCW Silcock was remunerated.
  12. Search the SAG catalogue and give me the title of the book by Barbara Ball
  13.  If you donated your family history to SAG what is the resolution standard required for images/photos?
  14. Using PROV's online record collection, tell me the trade or occupation of George Davis who appears in the Register of prisoners under sentence of hard labour, 1847-1853.
  15. Using the Ryerson Index, search for Edwin Oswald CONNER's death and tell me where he was late of and how old he was when he died.
  16. Using Defence records on the NAA and looking for Edwin Oswald CONNER again, what date was he posted to Sandgate?
  17. Using Trove, tell me how Edwin Oswald CONNER died.
  18. Looking at the AMW register, where are the AAC or Australian Agricultural Cooperative files located?
  19.  And where would you find the Norman Barnett Tindale collection?
  20.  and the Queensland South Sea Island Indentured Labourer Records 1863-1908?


The first person to submit the correct answers will receive a small prize pack as soon as I am able to leave the house and go to the Post Office.  Please email your entries to alexdaw25 [at] gmail [dot] com.  Thanks.

Looking for more gaming options? 

There's a whole bunch of activities on Family Search.  I tried dressing myself up as English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish.


Do remember that I see my role on this earth as to make others laugh as much as possible so don't be afraid of howling at my expense.  Life is short. Laugh a lot, I say. 

This website ran a contest for trying to look like one of your ancestors.  Fantastic! Or perhaps you could re-create a photo from your youth.  Hilarious.

Family Search also has this game Geneopardy which requires that you have an account and at least some kind of family tree in order to take part. It really just tests how much you know/remember about your own family tree. Here are some other suggestions. For those who like solving mysteries, there is this site, but I haven't had a chance to play with it yet. 
At any rate, that should be enough to amuse you for our first week of the Genealife in Lockdown Blogging Challenge.  Hope to see you next Sunday :) Take care til then.  Remember mask on.  




I love your bingo card. What a fun idea!
Alex Daw said…
Thanks Linda! We gotta get through this lockdown somehow. May as well make it fun :) Thanks so much for dropping by and being my first visitor today!
crgalvin said…
Oh what fun, you are full of good ideas! The quiz will definitely improve my knowledge of Qld history as most of my families were SA based. My NFHM contribution here Use your voice for Family Stories
Alex Daw said…
Thank you dear Carmel. I hope you enjoy the quiz and don't find it too hard going. It should be a cinch for the likes of you. :) Thank you for joining the challenge !
Kerryn Taylor said…
Such a fun post-Alex, thanks for the chuckles and the information about those games/ideas in Family Search. I didn't know about that. I rather feel like I've been living under a rock lately.
Alex Daw said…
Thank you dear Kerryn. Oh yes, I excel at living under rocks. I shock and amaze myself regularly by how much I don't know or miss. We must excel at specialist knowledge :)
Jennifer Jones said…
This is a great fun post Alex. Yes you did make me laugh. I’ll come back to the quiz. I’m keen to test my knowledge. My son and grandchildren
live at Noosa. I have seen them since Nov 2019 due to covid so am very anxious to be able to grab them and give them a great big hug. My first NFHM post will go live later today. Thinking of you in lockdown. Take care x
Alex Daw said…
Dear Jennifer - thanks for your lovely comments. I'm so pleased that I made someone laugh. Yay! I look forward to seeing your entry for the quiz. Hang in there. We will get through this :)
Crissouli said…

My first contribution..
Alex Daw said…
Hooray Chris - you did it! What a champion you are :)
tasteach said…
Love the post, Alex, with all those activities to do. You might want to add this one even though some of your readers may already have done it - Morton in Lockdown from Nathan Dylan Goodwin - like a choose your own story -
Jenny said…
What a great fun post Alex! Thank you for brightening my day. :)
Linda said…
Love your ideas and sense of humor, Alex! With all that fun activity, your lockdown will fly by!
GeniAus said…
Thanks for all those activities - Not sure I'll manage to complete any of them. Thankfully I seem to have an overload of projects and tidying on my very long "to do" list. Problem is I love going off on tangents and chasing BSOs - which I think make genealogy fun.

But now I need to crack on and start my week two post.

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