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Sepia Saturday 312: Saturday 9 January 2016

Alan Burnett provides us with this blogging meme from Sepia Saturday today.  He says: 

Now, what on earth is going on here? What we do know is that the photograph - which is our Sepia Saturday theme image this week - comes from the Flickr Commons collection of Miami University Library. The title is "Push ball competition at Miami University freshman-sophomore contest 1910", but I, for one, have no idea what push ball is! But with Sepians all over the world following our weekly theme prompts, no doubt someone will have some explanation of this strange scene. I have no idea which direction to push you in when thinking of ways of linking this photograph to one of the old images in your collections - but those Sepians all over the world have a knack of finding the most obscure links between a large bouncing ball and, for example, a photograph of Uncle Jack in his bowler hat.

I have heard of Tunnel Ball but not Push Ball.  This photo reminded me of beautiful baby portraits of both my husband and my father holding balls as infants in photographic studios but I can't/won't use them today as both individuals are are still living.  But, to give you an idea of what they looked like, here are some baby type portraits I found online on Picture Queensland - only the balls are a lot smaller than the ones held by Robert and Jim.

Image courtesy of John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland
Studio portrait of a young boy seated on a pedestal holding a ball, ca. 1930-1939 Negative number: 30128-0002-0001 

Image courtesy of John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland
Studio portrait of a young girl seated on a table holding a ball Negative number: 30058-0001-0001

Instead, today, I thought I would take this opportunity to scan some more photos of football teams from my maternal grandfather's collection.  

My maternal grandfather was Thomas Joseph Benedict McLoughlin.  I have blogged about him before here and here.

Here are the remaining photos of football teams that I have in case they may be of use to others tracing their ancestry.

All Black Premiers
Winners of B Grade Competition 1918

Christian Brothers Old Boys, R.L.F.C.
B Grade Premiers, 1918

I wish I could tell you something about these photos but I really have to acknowledge that I know zilch.  Apart from the fact that my grandfather is in the second photo on the far right in the middle row.  He is T. McLoughlin.

Others in the photo are as follows:

Back Row: S. O'Connor, J. Daley, T.Scully, T.McInerney, F. Savage (Pres. B.D.J.R.F.L.)
Third Row: E. Burke, M. Toohey, D. McFadden, J. Hills, R. Turner, C. Louden, D. O'Brien, C. Wheeler
Second Row: E. Morgan, J. Turner (Pres.), J. Flood, S. McInerney, (Hon. Sec. and Capt.) J. Galvin (Ast. Sec. and Treas.) G. Mulconry (Vice-Capt). T. McLoughlin
Front Row - E. Eager, B Mulconry (mascot) J. McInerney, A. Barnett

Isn't Mulconry an interesting surname?  I haven't come across that one before.

This is another photo of the photo above taken with my mobile phone to show you the header on top of the photo.  It's a bit difficult to fit it all of the photo in the scanner as it is quite large.

This photo came from Sidney Riley Cnr. Darling St and Weston Road Rozelle. It measures 30cm x 25cm.

The first photo was from Alva Studios Orange which was stamped on the back.  It measures approximately 25cm x 20cm.

Anyway if there is anyone out there who wants to tell me a bit more about these photos, I'm all it were.  

That's my contribution for Sepia Saturday - for more contributions go here.

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