Thursday, November 20, 2014

Troveia - Come and Play!

We're a bit excited here at the thought of participating in Troveia tomorrow night.

We're studying hard as you can see.

We've registered our team - Moreton Monitors - and hope we win a prize or two.

It's Trove's 5th Birthday and what is a birthday without some games?

Some kids play Pass the Parcel or Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

We're playing Hunt the Newspaper or Journal Article instead.

What do you need to play?  Well you should probably be familiar with Trove.

And you should probably have a Twitter account.

For all the information on how to register and play go here.

Some friends to help you would be good too - friends with good searching skills and persistence.

The fun begins at 7pm AEDT in Australia.  We live in Queensland so that will be 6pm.

Happy Birthday Trove!

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