Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Learning Family History

It's such a lovely big old world and we are so lucky to have the internet.  

Have you ever wanted to start family history but didn't know where to begin?

Today I learned that the University of Tasmania - right down the bottom of the world - is offering a free course - Introduction to Family History as per here.  To enrol for free you do have to be an Australian citizen or a student holding a Permanent Humanitarian Visa or with a Permanent Resident Status. And you need to study it in their Spring Semester which starts 8 December.  Applications close 16 December. 

But what if you already know a bit about Family History and want to know a bit more?

I have enrolled in several courses through the lovely Pharos Tutors who are pretty much at the top of the world.

At the moment I am studying a 3 week course in World War Research with Simon Fowler and it is great.  Yes...THE Simon Fowler! No, not that Simon Fowler...this Simon Fowler!

I have also studied courses with Pharos in Caribbean Family History and Wills and Administrations.  I find their fees quite reasonable and it's all online.  You can get them assessed towards accreditation for a qualification if you want to but, for me, the joy is just in learning.

If the thought of sitting in front of your computer all the time fills you with loathing, get out and among it at your local family history society.

Some societies are more relaxed than others and I can't promise yours will be as much fun as the Society of Artists Selection Committee was in 1907 but usually at least tea and a biscuit is served.  And if you belong to a fabulous society like I do, there'll be plenty of great people to meet, books to buy and new topics on a monthly if not a weekly basis.

Then there is your local library which should have regular talks about family history or a group that meets on a regular basis.  You can find out about Moreton Bay Region Library service activities here.  Brisbane City Council Library is hosting Lady Teviot at the end of the month for goodness sake - how fantastic is that?

Really - there is so much going on - there's no excuse not to join in!


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