#NationalFamilyHistoryMonth Blogging Challenge


Who wants to do a blogging challenge? It's National Family History Month in August in Australia and New Zealand. We usually post every Sunday in August. Here are some suggestions for weekly topics:

Week 1 - August can also mean respected or impressive. Who do you think is the most respected or impressive member of your family tree and why?

A pretty impressive photo of my ancestor John McLoughlin

Week 2 - Travel - who hasn't got the travel bug at the moment? Perhaps you could showcase all the photos of family cars, boats, horses or bicycles over the years.

Better still plan your family history "bucket-list" travel plan. Or tell us about a recent family history jaunt.

Cobb and Co Coach Bourke Post Office

Week 3 - Share - tips for smashing brick walls, or your opinion on what needs to be fixed/changed in family history - "If I ruled the world!". Tell us what you can't live without - maybe it's a piece of tech gear, your society or group, or your library.

Week 4 - Celebrate - tell us what you've achieved this month. What talk did you attend during #NationalFamilyHistoryMonth that you thought was brilliant or tell us about the discoveries you made.

Please feel free to use the Dig image at the head of this post that I whipped up on Canva. Dig Family History! I'm such an old hippie. Forgive me.

C'mon! Join the fun. We'd love to see your blog and you don't have to be an Australian blogger - the more, the merrier :)


Unknown said…
I would like to post a comment for the challenge : "If I Ruled The World": I would either donate a building OR ensure that every Council in Regional Australia would provide Facilities for local Family Research & Historical Societies to store & share their historical information - Much which will Never be online despite what you think! Our local group lost our premises just before Covid, tho' we were a viable & functional community group. (another story). We had a 3,500+ book library & more stuff which was accessible to all researchers & public, including many tourists...Many items are one offs & irreplaceable + more one off items saved from the Tip! We are in the oldest demographic in Australia. A region to where many older folk have downsized from the city & country properties - many having since died - their history sent to the tip by uncaring or unknowing family! For over 2 yrs our 'library' has been stored in the garages of old members....the majority in a property I own - safe but inaccessible to our members/other researchers. Now I have to sell.... so our 70-90+yr old group members are trying to salvage & store what we can. Much will be dumped - a loss of irreplaceable world-wide family research records & local history items. We need help Now. I am sure (knowing how many councils work) that other regional groups are in a similar situation. Don't tell us we have to travel to the cities - many are mentally competent but are on restricted licenses or funds.... Many do not have close family assistance or are tech savvy. If big companies really care about the history fast being lost ...they will move quickly to put pressure on local councils to save both local & national Aussie history Often the facilities are available & stand empty...Why? Perhaps someone will listen....But Not Too Late.
Alex Daw said…
Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us Anonymous. That is very sad indeed. I wonder what can be done? Who has some great ideas to suggest?

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