#NFHM Genealife in Lockdown Blogging Challenge Sum Up


Thank you!

"Gather round people...I'll tell you a story..."
First of all a big thank you to all the bloggers out there who embraced this challenge with such gusto and enthusiasm. 
From little things big things grow.  No truer words were sung.

The Quiz

The winner of the quiz is, without a doubt, Rosie Gall.  She was the first to get her entry in and all answers were correct.  Chris Goopy gets the runner-up prize for also submitting correct answers and doing such a fabulous job of collating all our posts.  Thank you both.
The answers are below:
 1.    What was Ipswich in Queensland called by white settlers before it was officially named Ipswich in 1843?  

Answer: Limestone

2.    Who was the first Lady Principal of Brisbane Girls Grammar? And for a bonus point who recently wrote a history about her?

Answer: Mrs Janet O'Connor - Elisabeth Wheeler

 3.   What do the following acronyms stand for?  AJCP? AWM? HAGSOC?

Answer: Australian Joint Copying Project
        Australian War Memorial
        Heraldry and Genealogy Society of Canberra

4.    What night of the week is #ANZAncestryTime hosted on Twitter?

Answer:  Tuesday

5.    Who is the editor of Traces Magazine?

Answer:  Eden Cox

6.    Using the Moreton Bay Library History and Heritage section, find the Honour Roll for Mt Mee and tell me what is the 3rd name down on the roll.

Answer: J McAttee

7.     What was the name of the quarantine station which operated in Sydney from 1832 - 1984?

Answer: North Head Quarantine Station

8.   In what state of Australia is Bunbury Cemetery located?

Answer: Western Australia

9.    What year was gold discovered in Ophir and what is the nearest largest town?

Answer:   1851 Orange

10.     Using the Queensland Family History Society's online resources, search the Person's called before Queensland Government Committees and tell me the occupation of William DUNCAN.https://www.qfhs.org.au/online-access/searchable-datasets/datasets-by-category/

Answer: Livery Stable Keeper

11.    Using the QFHS databases again, this time search the Railway Appointments and tell me how much Porter CCW Silcock was remunerated.

Answer: 7 shillings 6 pence

121.    Search the SAG catalogue and give me the title of the book by Barbara Ball

Answer:  An era of paediatric nursing : 1880-1995

13.     If you donated your family history to SAG what is the resolution standard required for images/photos?

Answer: 600DPI

14.   Using PROV's online record collection, tell me the trade or occupation of George Davis who appears in the Register of prisoners under sentence of hard labour, 1847-1853.

Answer:  Sawyer

15.    Using the Ryerson Index, search for Edwin Oswald CONNER's death and tell me where he was late of and how old he was when he died.

Answer: Undercliffe, 21

16.    Using Defence records on the NAA and looking for Edwin Oswald CONNER again, what date was he posted to Sandgate?

Answer: 16 July 1944

17.    Using Trove, tell me how Edwin Oswald CONNER died.

Answer: plane crash

18.    Looking at the AMW register, where are the AAC or Australian Agricultural Cooperative files located?

Answer: Noel Butlin Archives Centre ANU

19.     And where would you find the Norman Barnett Tindale collection?
Answer: South Australian Museum

20. and the Queensland South Sea Island Indentured Labourer Records 1863-1908?

Answer: Queensland State Archives


And here are the badges for the bloggers.  There were five Sundays in August.  Frankly, I don't care if you didn't manage to blog on a Sunday in particular.  If you blogged five times (or more!!!!) in August, you get the Genea-ralissimo Badge :)

The Genea-ralissimo badge


The Genea-rator badge! (for 3-4 posts during the month)



The Geni-oz badge (for 2 posts for the month)


The Genie badge


Fran Kitto (who has her own blog here) but for #NFHM blogged for her Society
Please don't hesitate to let me know if I have missed anyone.  Everyone has worked so hard this month.  Many haven't had time to blog because they have been busy volunteering with other activities for #NFHM - delivering talks or lectures, organizing things like Twitter Chats e.g. #ANZAncestryTime or battling technological challenges e.g. no internet.  Or just generally trying to keep it together during one of our most challenging times.  
Thank you all for your enthusiasm, generosity, creativity, humour, hard work and perseverance.
Thank you to the lovely Shauna Hicks in particular who has wrangled #NFHM for many years and made it what it is today.  
As young Mr Grace would say from Are You Being Served, shaking his cane in the air and teetering on top of the steps, "Carry on !You've all done very well". 


Jennifer Jones said…
You've made Family History Month fun, Alex. I've really enjoyed reading the participating blogs. The last three days were a challenged when we lost our internet. Unusually, I had posts prepared so all worked out ok in the end.
Alex Daw said…
Dear Jennifer - thank YOU so much for participating so enthusiastically. I feel like I've got to know everyone a little bit better now. Prior preparation and planning made you the Queen of blogging. Well done!
Boohoo hoo! I did five posts in August and didn’t get my generalissimo badge. 😢 thanks for giving us all something to engage with during NFHM…it was fun reading everyone’s different take on the topic.
TravelGenee said…
Alex, thanks for prompting this great idea gave me wonderful variety of posts to read even if my only writing was for Caloundra Family History blog. Fran
Alex Daw said…
Dear Pauleen - I am not a frog. I am a goose! Should have checked my work - and yours! Please forgive me. Appropriate adjustments have been made and justice restored xx
Alex Daw said…
Dear Fran - my pleasure! Glad to have prompted some writing on your behalf and look forward to seeing more :)

Thank you for the prompt which pushed me into action. It was a wonderful idea and paid off. So many different takes and great to read them all. All the best to everyone to stay safe and well, as we continue to face the challenges of Coronavirus.
Alex Daw said…
Dear Isabel - so lovely to have you on board and didn't you do well! I think our blogging did much to advance the practice of family history and more importantly gave us a sense of community :)

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