Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sepia Saturday:

Alan from Sepia Saturday says:

The Smithsonian Museum is the United States National Museum and therefore it is appropriate for Sepia Saturday 286 which falls on the 4th July to feature an illustration from their archives. This call is going up early because I am about to head off to Scarborough - one of the finest holiday and fishing resorts on the Yorkshire coast and therefore it is appropriate for the Smithsonian illustration to be that of a fish. And just in case you are about to tell me that we have had fish as theme images on Sepia Saturday several times before, be warned that I can get quite snappy when provoked and therefore it is appropriate that the fish in question a spot snapper.

This is going to be a short and sweet post (and an apology for next week) because I am going overseas tomorrow for the first time in about 20 years - just a short trip to Bali for a week to celebrate my dear old Dad's very significant birthday.  As you can imagine, there is much to do before I depart these wintry shores for warmer climes.  

So - to all my American cyber friends - Happy 4th July!! 

My post this morning was inspired by my visiting Twitter (which I don't do very often) and I saw a re-tweet from West Coast Librarian who shared a tweet from State Library of Victoria about thousands of copyright free images you can fish for in their very appropriately named "digital image pool".  I'd embed the tweet for you in this post but I seem to be having problems with blogger accepting the code - has anyone else had similar problems?  Anyway, without further ado, here is the photo.....

man holding puffer fish puffing on a pipe
Man standing, half-length, wearing cloth cap and smoking pipe, holding a puffed up puffer fish ca. 1910-1930 State Library of Victoria - Photographer unknown - Gift of Harold Paynting, 1996.

How very appropriate - a fish!  When you punch the word "fish" into the search box you come up with 405 results.  I only managed to glance at half of them.  There are some beauties...that's for sure.  Check these out as a taster...

men in striped aprons at fish market in Coburg
Fish market, Coburg circa 1915-1916 G. G. M., photographer. Gift of Mr Graham Radley, 2001 - State Library of Victoria

postcard from Gippsland featuring men on jetty packing fish for Melbourne
Packing Fish for Melbourne ca. 1886 N. J. Caire 1837-1918, photographer. State Library of Victoria

This one is my favourite though....

family group on jetty - woman sitting knitting while kids catch fish
Adult Leisure Activities -  ca. 1900  Victoria. State Rivers and Water Supply Commission photographer. -State Library of Victoria
I can't help wondering "Won't the knitting smell a bit fishy?"  Have you noticed that I can get knitting in anywhere?  Even in posts about fishing.

And when I punched in "Scarborough" into the search engine for you Alan, I came up with all you detectives in England or of English heritage...what do you think?  Is it Scarborough?  Let the State Library of Victoria know if you think it is or isn't.

postcard featuring seaside town with castle on headland in England possibly Scarborough
Seaside town with castle on headland, possibly Scarborough?, England - ca. 1890-1900 - Photographer unknown - State Library of Victoria.

Caspar, or "The Rooster" as Robbie likes to call him, leaves today for Fraser Island (or as we Australians like to shorten everything, we refer to it as just "Fraser") with friends to go fishing.  Much time was spent sucking teeth over which reel to buy at BCF yesterday and much thanks goes to Grand Purl Baa's new husband for his sage advice.  An Alvey was duly purchased.  I suspect it will be fun, if it a bit chilly camping there at this time of year.

Balinese fisherman on jetty
Balinese fisherman, Indonesia - This photograph is part of the Australian National Maritime Museum's collection of nitrate negatives taken by Harold Nossiter and his son Harold Nossiter Junior in the 1920s and 1930s.

No doubt I shall be seeing a bit of the above very soon....have you been to Bali? Any recommendations?  Remember this song?  I'll be able to sing it authentically soon...

I'd forgotten how powerful Redgum lyrics are....for a bit more sobering sepia check this out.  War - what is it good for?  It should be compulsory to go fishing instead.

Did I say short and sweet?  I got carried away AGAIN!  For more fishy snaps head over to Sepia Saturday.


Postcardy said...

The puffer fish looks more like a cartoon than a fish!

Brett Payne said...

We get a few of those puffer fish washed up on our beaches occasionally - bizarre.

Anne Young said...

Great photos caught from the SLV. Have fun in Bali!

crgalvin said...

Love it! You manage to put so much in to your Sepia Saturday posts, I always enjoy reading them.

Deb Gould said...

Love the striped aprons in the Coburg shot! And that puffer fish is a fashionable accessory! Have fun on your trip!

La Nightingail said...

If your scenery is anything like in that first video, looks like you'll have a wonderful time! Wishing you lots of beautiful views and warm temps!

Mike Brubaker said...

Some goes to Scarborough and somes to Bali. Hope the waters are just as beneficial.

Kristin said...

That puffer fish is something else. No, I've never been to Bali. Have a wonderful time!!

Barbara Rogers said...

What a fun post, and thanks for researching all those fish! Have a great trip to Bali, and don't forget to take lots of photos.

Jo Featherston said...

Hope you enjoy Bali,although I must admit it is not somewhere I ever plan to go, for a number of reasons that I won't go into here. I hope your flight isn't affected by the volcanic ash that seems to be a problem at present. I saw that SLV digital image pool link and searched fish too, but I like to use family photos if I possibly can.

Wendy said...

Puffer fish give me the creeps. Have a lovely trip.