Tuesday, April 28, 2015

mtFull Sequence Test

Earlier this year (2nd January to be precise) I ordered an mtFull Sequence test from Family Tree DNA.  I finally got my results last week on 21 April but I had such a busy week at work and home that I didn't realise I'd received my results until yesterday!  Basically this tests my matrilineal heritage.  

I'll be honest and let you know that I failed science at school but I will attempt to explain what I understand about this kind of testing.  As I understand it, most DNA testing tests the inside or nucleus of the cell.  Mitochondrial DNA testing is testing the DNA outside the cell's nucleus.  Mitochondrial DNA is only passed from mother to child. 

Why did I do it? Well, really in the fond hope of maybe finding some other cousins out there in family history land.  Unfortunately I didn't come up with any exact matches or even close matches. C'est la vie.  

But I can tell you that I'm Haplogroup H5a1.  I'd tell you what that means, except I need to get written permission from Gene by Gene to do so and I can't be fagged.  Let's just say that in terms of origins - England, Ireland, Scotland were not a surprise - but Germany was a bit of surprise!  

Maybe I should invest in an autosomal test as well - another $100. The thought of going through it all again and waiting another 4 months is not enticing. Obviously I have no stamina when it comes to Family History!

Perhaps when I've replaced the tyres on my car......


Judy Webster said...

FamilyTree DNA should be able to use the same sample (which they store for about 25 years). Just order their FamilyFinder test (for autosomal DNA) as an add-on. Results for that generally arrive much faster.

Anyone who is thinking of using DNA for genealogy should read CeCe Moore's 4-part series on DNA Testing for Genealogy - Getting Started, especially the 'Summary' section in Part4. If you do the FamilyFinder test, see also X Marks the Spot.

Ann ODyne said...

the other kind of test for DNA takes about 4 months too, so I am always amused when TV shows get a result before the 2nd ad break.
Bravo though. I am totally fascinated that genealogical research never fails to turn up something that explains a current aspect of the family life.

Judy Webster said...

Maybe I was lucky, but I got my autosomal DNA results (via FamilyTreeDNA) less than 7 weeks after I posted the sample.

diane b said...

Sounds like a bother to me and is it worth it if didn't find out any more than you know already?