Friday, October 3, 2014

Book Of Me, Written By You - Prompt 29 - What's in Your Bag/Pocket?

I'm more than a bit behind in catching up with the prompts from Julie Goucher of Angler's Rest.

Week 29 is - What's in your bag/pocket?

Do you routinely carry a bag or holdall?
What do you carry?
Why do you carry it?
What do you carry it in?

Do you carry differently things on specific days or to specific places?


Ah well - you see - I am your worst nightmare when it comes to bags.  I really need Mary Poppins' carpet bag - truly I do.    

Short answers to the above questions are:



Just in case



You can stop reading now if you want the Reader's Digest version.

The long answer is as follows.

This fabulous looking handbag is from best friend Deb in Melbourne who has impeccable taste and access to all sorts of stores of which I can only dream.  It is a Catherine Manuell design in case you are interested in that sort of thing.  I confess I hadn't heard of her until I received Deborah's lovely gift at Christmas.

There is so much crap in my bag.  I can never find anything.  I carry everything - just in case.

Going through my bag is a bit like conducting an archaeological dig.

Believe me - I wish it wasn't.

The detritus accumulates to a point where I tip it all out on the bed and start again.  You can guarantee whatever plastic cards I remove from my wallet are the ones I need the very next day.

  My wallet is from the lovely Michelle House Budget Blitz, whose principles I admire but am not very good at sticking to....separate sections for different budget items.  One day.....

There are library cards of course - for the State Library, the National Library, Moreton Bay Regional and Brisbane City Council Libraries. 

 Then there are the frequent flyer cards for both supermarket chains, clothes stores, book stores, cinemas.  Cards for medical stuff including organ donor's card.  Driver's licence.  Go card for public transport.  Membership cards for professional associations and organisations like RACQ, in case Molly, my car, breaks down.  And a card for my parents' unit.  So I can collect the mail and water the plants.  

Oh and if I'm lucky the odd bit of cash. 

What else is in the bag?

Collapsible brolly which I forgot to declare at the airport last time - silly me.

Glasses - several pairs. Too old now to survive without them.

USB stick

Diary - yes, I know, weird in this electronic day and age but I just don't seem to be able to let go of this particular item.  There are blackouts occasionally you know and computer viruses.

Assorted drugs (if you have an allergic reaction to something,you are very grateful for a readily available antihistamine),  nailfile (work as a librarian like me and you can't survive without one), mints, other vanity items and hand cream for the quickest pick me up I know.  Did you notice that it's a Crabtree and Evelyn bag and handcream?  I love love love Crabtree and Evelyn.  Friend Deb of Melbourne introduced me to them too.  Don't think I was really alive before then.

iPod - funnily enough I never get to use this really.  I should take it out.

Keys of course - to the house, to the car, to the library...and with a lovely key tag from Qld State Archives - bless.

Badge for QFHS library duty.

Lint mit for cleaning black uniform at work - it's amazing how lint shows up on black.

My mobile phone - one day this will be laughably old fashioned.  
Actually it probably is right now ;)

A pearl - I knew it was at the bottom of my bag somewhere.  
A 50th birthday present from sister-in-law Pat.  Wouldn't want to lose that.  Popped it back on my necklace.  Thanks Pat.

Tissues - ever been to a toilet and run out of paper?  Never again!

Paperwork from hospital visit yesterday.  

Yes my nose is a bit sore but I'm all right - thanks very much for asking.  Wine and panadol are doing their job.

Ticket to read at State Archives.

Face mask thingy from St John's ambulance in case I have to resuscitate anyone.  I tell you - I'm hopeless.

And right at the very bottom of my bag.....

Mandarin seeds from my mandarin wot I ate on my home from work on Wednesday night.  I cleaned out the car tray that night but forgot to clean out the handbag! 

That last photo was designed to make you snort with laughter and be glad that you are not as hopeless or as disgusting as moi.

There you are boys - all our women's secrets are revealed.  

So there you go - next time you see me burrowing in my bag, you'll understand why I can't find anything.

What's in your bag?  Do you even have a bag or are you one of those people that just stuffs essentials in your bra/pocket?

Actually here's one more photo just for fun.  I stayed home a couple of weeks ago and in the early afternoon I noticed that the light shone through our semi-skylight type window in the lounge room onto the corner of our bar area at just the right angle onto our various religious icons...

and then I noticed someone had popped in an addition....

"Hmmmmmm!"....said in a Marge Simpson type despairing voice.

Peace be with you.  

And whatever his name is on the right.  I suspect it is one of those dreadful characters from Dragon Ball Z.  What do you think?


Jill Ball said...

Contents look familiar. Are you sure that isn't my bag?

crgalvin said...

Hilarious, love it! I suspect many of us have bags with surprises at the bottom.

Alex Daw said...

Hah! Good to know if I pick yours up accidentally :)

Alex Daw said...

Yes, well, worth emptying occasionally!

Michelle Ganus Taggart said...

I have a bag addiction I think---many different bags, each for a different purpose depending on how much I need to take and where I am going. Some with long shoulder straps, some with rollers, some with many pockets and some with just one big cavernous section. It's really ridiculous. But the innerds look a lot like your bags---a little bit of everything just in case!

Fun post!