Monday, June 30, 2014

Forfars in Tasmania

I've been thrashing around trying to make sense of my Forfar line - as usual.

With my impending trip to Tassie, I wanted to make sure of my facts and drew up a timeline.  

So far, this is what I have....

On Tuesday 21 November 1899 a Wanted Ad appeared in the Mercury for "small furnished cottage for married couple, convenient to town.Full particulars and rental to W W Forfar 19 Albert Road, Albert Park, Melbourne"

And then....

On Friday 8 December 1899 Mrs and Miss Forfar (I think this is meant to be Mr and Mrs Forfar) arrive in Hobart on SS Monowai.  Walter would have been 21. Kate would have been 27 years old and 7 months pregnant.

Mercury 9 December 1899 courtesy of National Library of Australia
Shipping List SS. Monowai

In the brush with fame stakes, the SS Monowai also transported Phar Lap to the States I think judging from this photo...

This was probably the view that greeted them when they arrived....

And maybe this is what it looked like when they were disembarking.....

Check out the last Wanted ad below for good plain general cooking Mrs Forfar, next Melrose.

Mercury 13 December 1899 courtesy of the National Library of Australia

On Monday 12 February 1900 Ernest Henry was born in Hobart.  Father listed as Walter William retired surveyor Mother Kate Amelia Sinclair (actually her mother's maiden name.  Kate's maiden name was Ellis) - Marriage was listed as 1897 Perth, Western Australia.  The birth was not registered until 23 March.  Ernest was named after Walter's older brother Ernest who went to Canada.

1900 - Walter W. is listed in Post Office Directory living in Queen Street left hand side from High Street (which is now Sandy Bay Road)  before Wells Street - 6th house down from High Street.- about half way I suppose as twelve houses in street before Wells Street which is now Balmoral Street.  This map gives you a sense of the area at the time.

On Tuesday 24 April 1900 Mr and Mrs Forfar and infant "clear out" from Hobart to Perth, Western Australia on RMS Australia.

This ship foundered on rocks four years later at Point Nepean.

So they spent a total of just over 4 months in Tasmania.  I wonder what they were doing there.

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